Monday, February 18, 2013

My E-mail got Hacked - But it Was a Good Thing

Posted By: Leah
Sunday morning we woke up. Gav was in the living room watching TV. BF checked his e-mail on his phone and said "oh no, I think your e-mail got hacked." BF called his parents to see if they got the spam e-mail from me too and yup, sure did. I though oh man, not the way I want to start my Sunday.

I grabbed my phone, and tried to click on my e-mail and no dice, an error message popped up and said my yahoo account was shut down. This has happened to me before, my e-mail being hacked. So I knew what to do. I hopped on my laptop, went over to my Gmail account (it was my yahoo that had been hacked) and sent a mass e-mail to everyone in my address book, all 600+ people letting them know not to open the spam e-mail if they received one from me.

I had this yahoo account, the one that was hacked, for the past 10 years. After each new e-mail I sent, that contact was automatically added to my address book. E-mail addresses from all the jobs I've applied to, to bloggers I've emailed back and forth with, to college professors, not to mention friends, family... it's a lot of people. Many of whom I have not been in touch with for 10 years.

I tried to make my e-mail sound as professional as possible, I let everyone know my e-mail had been compromised (hacked) and to not open any e-mails sent from that account nor any links.

But it was too late. By the time I sent this e-mail I had already started getting texts and e-mails from people I knew asking if my e-mail had been hacked. I let them all know yes, and that I was sorry for the inconvenience.

In the subject of this post, I said it was a good thing I got hacked. Here's why... without being hacked, I would have probably gone on and used my yahoo e-mail forever. I've had probably 4 new cell phone numbers in the past 10 years. When you get a new anything, it's easy to weed the people you don't need out of your life. Why would I have contacts in my phone of people I never speak to? To make it harder to scroll through to find the people who I DO want to communicate with? Same thing with e-mail. Why did I have 617 contacts when I seriously need only maybe 100. If there's someone I REALLY need to e-mail, there's this thing called the Internet, and facebook, linked in and twitter... I feel sure can get in touch with anyone I've ever known, if I really needed to.

Another good thing about me getting hacked is that it's forcing me to use GMail. I'm seriously that little old lady stuck in the 90's perfectly happy with my yahoo e-mail. I have a GMail, yes, but I don't like change. Being hacked has forced me to change. AND the good thing about GMail is you can link multiple accounts. So I created a lovelylifeofleah*at*gmail account. It has a cute little footer and everything. I'm like all the big (ok and little) bloggers out there. Making my blog more professional is a good thing too.

While I'm sorry for the inconvenience and threat that my email getting compromised (hacked) has caused everyone else (And you all KNOW not to open sketchy e-mails and not click on weird links). I am actually grateful for the 'push' to move over to GMail.

The lame part is updating my email address on all the sites I use. Yes it's easy to remember to update Facebook and Twitter for notifications. But it's taken me the rest of the weekend and even this morning, trying to remember all the sites I actually want to receive e-mail updates from. My bank, PayPal, ebay, Shutterfly, the list goes on and on.

Has your e-mail ever been hacked?


  1. UGH i know. i hate the hacked/spam emails.
    and i shouldn't have as many emails as i do - but i'm just too lazy to do anything about any of them. lol. at least now you're officially gmail'ing it up!

  2. I am so sorry about that. I thankfully have never had anything of mine get hacked *crosses fingers* I love gmail though + have been using gmail for a long time now. welcome.


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