Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Old Cube. A ton of fun photos

Posted By: Leah
Yesterday I made the announcement that I had started a new job!

Today's post is from the twilight zone that became my life of packing up my cube at my old job. As I was packing it last week, things just started to feel weird. Like my cube walls went from bright and fun, to bland and drab.

Here are some photos of my old cube. I have spent almost 4 years in that cube, 9 hours a day. I sold my house from that cube, I got separated, then divorced, then started dating bf. All from that cube. That cube was a good one. In the corner, with high walls and no one could sneek up on me in there. Important cube characteristics.

The above cube-shots were from when I turned 31

These were from when I turned 32... noticing a theme?

I wrote this post prior to starting my new job with a new cube. I know the new cube will be a good one. it has floor to ceiling windows (I asked to see it when I was in for an interview). I'm sure it will be another fun cube. But I was really for real comfortable in my cube before. Change is scary you guys!

What if I don't have work besties to decorate my cube on my bday?
What if my cube is super boring and I never feel comfortable in it?

Ok, I'm sure it will all be okay. Plus my birthday is on a Sunday this year, so if my cube isn't decorated I'll be alright. Sigh.

I snapped just a few photos as I was packing everything up. These are some of my favorite parts of my cube so I can remember it forever. (and I may be emotional-eating a box of Girlscout cookies at I type this)

Gav's artwork. He went to the on-site daycare where I worked from age 2 1/2 - 5 when he started kindergarten. Those are truly the best years for preschool art. Now he draws monsters. Back then, he drew me pretty flowers with his tiny hand prints all the time and pastel finger painting.

The tissue paper flowers my work bestie Lauren made for last year's birthday & my little corner of cute photos of Gav and me. Also one of my going-away memory frames from my last job. People love me and never want me to leave!

This was from 2 years ago, my work bestie Lauren put this at the top of the stairs for me to find. Remember when I ate all healthy and ran 5 flights of stairs several times a day? This was from Valentine's day  back then.

The pink pig! Again, back when I was super healthy I led our office's biggest loser competition. I kept people accountable and sent motivational e-mails each week. People would self-report to me their weight loss or gain that week. The person who was doing the worst got the pink pig on their desk. After the competition he ended up with me. I gave him to Lauren. Ok, actually I hid him in her office.

Really cool magnets! Sooo I may be 'that girl' who eats food after the expiration date. or if other people are too scared to. I have no shame in that. Why waste perfectly good food? And... my other co-worker went to San Fran and got me a magnent from the Full House hill.

Birthday signs! It's sort of a tradition to make each other signs for our birthdays. Here are mine from the past couple of years. It's what I was into at the time. Love them!!!

HK cupcake toppers Lauren hand-cut out and a zillion starbucks drink stirrers.
Things I couldn't ever throw away (pretty sure this is how hoarding starts).
And yes, I did throw away the starbucks stirrers.
AND hid a HK cupcake topper in Lauren's plant in her office.

You thought I was kidding when I said I was emotional-eating GS cookies as I wrote this. Lies.

My desk from Valentine's day this year when BF brought me the prettiest purple tulips and HK goodness. Plus more of my random crap  stuff in the background.


Next up was clearing my computer. It just makes my heart sad. Like a mild freak-out of me thinking... what if I didn't save this to a flash drive and I need to remember it forever or someone asks me for it and I can't find it ? or I need work samples and deleted everything I've ever done my whole life? It's hard to get rid of things that you are emotionally attached to (ring ring hoarders? yeah this is Leah).

But somehow I did... I deleted everything on my desktop. I threw away (or took home) everything from my desk. There was nothing left.

And this is super super lame  but I sware to god this went through my head.... yes Semisonic.

So gather up your jackets, move it to the exits

I hope you have found a friend

Closing time

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

(but not the 'I know who I want to take me home' part. gross.)


  1. AHHH you worked at the place I always dreamed about with decorated cubes and fun people. So jealous. I know it sucks moving on but I'm sure there will be lots of wonderful new people who will brighten your life the same way those ladies did.

  2. Aww, it looks like your old job was pretty great and they are going to miss you!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. Your old cube was so fun and festive. I am sure that you will make your new one look and feel just as good as this one did!

  4. Cleaning out your stuff is the worst, it makes everything "real". And we all know how much I hate change being real. Haha


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