Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New job, yo!

Posted By: Leah
Some of you know, but probably most of you don't know that I started an exciting new job yesterday!  It really feels like a dream. I am still in shock about everything, it's super exciting and scary.

To say that this new job 'fell into my lap' would be an understatement. From the day that I sent in my resume to the day I received the offer letter was only 3 weeks. It was fast you guys. The way this job fell into my lap was someone I know had been sent the job posting and she thought it was right up my ally so she passed it on to me. I couldn't believe it. I'm not used to that type of awesome networking. 

I am great when it comes time for changes. But just because of my control-freak nature, I like to feel in charge. I applied without knowing anything about the company, where it was, or what they did. I just trusted that the person who sent me the posting wouldn't have sent it if it wasn't a great opportunity. Every now and then life will kick your booty to where it needs to be. Some people call it fate, some people call it success (when preparation meets opportunity)... all I know is it happens. It's happened to me before it and here it goes happening once again.

Something else awesome is that I left my job I previously had under really good circumstances, they were all very excited for this opportunity, it is nothing they ever could have offered me. Usually I end up leaving jobs when I have a real reason to make a move (like I'm moving to another state). I have agreed to be their go-to girl for advice at my old job until they can replace me. And as we all know, it is impossible to replace me, so I have agreed to offer them help until they hire someone else who is better at IDK, keeping a straight face in meetings. Have you seen my crazy expressions?

I have written this post prior to starting the new job, so that in case I am super tired or try to throw in those work cliches like 'It's like I'm drinking from a fire hose' I'll spare you, and can provide you with a level-headed post until I actually get my feet wet there. (see what I did with the cliche anyway?). I actually have scheduled several posts for this week. Because honestly, I'm not sure what will become of my blog. Yes, of course I'll keep writing it. How could I not? But there will be some changes.  Mostly good!

Here are the good blog changes:

New Design! I actually got this done while I was still in the interview process. Because my life will be changing, I wanted a different look to go along with that change.

Posts from different locations! Many of you know that I was a tourism major in college forever (like 10 yrs)  ago. I've always had a wanderlust and love of travel. Fast forward to me being married, having gav, and being a single mom. Not so much travel happening. Then BF came on the scene and I realized I actually have more help/support than I thought. I am free to travel! I learned that yes, Gav can survive hanging w/ people not just me. This position will give me the opportunity to travel once every couple months. How fab would it be to do a post like 'oh here I am in XYZ awesome big city in the US chilling with my ipad, drinking coffee and eating a pastry.' I think it sounds fun, right? I'm making no promises considering I could have zero downtime, but this is something I hope to have happen.

Here are the sadface blog changes:

Less frequent posts. I can't guarantee that I won't run home and blog for hours every night. But I may be using the old brain so much learning everything new, that blogging may be the last thing I want on my plate (again with the cliche!)

Less e-mail interaction from work. I have a few friends who I email back and forth with from work. You know, like if I got a comment on the post, I could immediately write back. I don't know if this will be possible in the new position. So your comments may go a while before being approved, and being posting to the blog.

To leave you on a happy note, more good changes!

Ok this has nothing to do with the blog, but personally... this position will allow me more time with Gav (when I'm not traveling) because the location is VERY close to our home/his school. I'll save on gas, and will even be able to go home at lunch, and spend longer getting ready in the mornings.

This is a growth opportunity for me career-wise. Basically it's sort-of what I was doing before and it's just the next level of that. Sort of a step-up, if you will.

I'm sure there will be more changes, but I like to keep you all in the loop with what I knew so far. And I feel like I owe it to you to let you know what's up. better than than 3 months down the road be like "oh yeah I've been gone." I'm a planner you guys, it's just how I am.

Here are the mimosas and chocolate covered strawberries floating in them that BF brought me  on Valentine's Day. That's the week that the job acceptance was official and formally announced. BF has been the #1 most supportive person. Although the job has me living in my same city, still about 2 hrs from him, he knows that career-wise it's not often that a job combining your two talents is dropped in your lap. (And if you are all nosy-pants, I have always had to choose between doing event planning and marketing. All of my previous positions have focused on one more than the other. My work career has gone back and forth. This position, even the title of the role is Marketing & Events. Pretty awesome, huh?)

What about Gav? He is sooo excited. Gav has always wanted me to have lunch with him at school, and now that can be a reality for us. He feels completely responsible because the first phone interview for the new job took place when he was at home with me on a snow day. He was perfectly silent and is so proud that he was such a good boy during that time. Gav is excited to stay with his dad and other family and friends when I am traveling. And I will never be gone all that long.

So that's it... if you're reading this, it means things went well the first day and it's already my 2nd day!


  1. Yay congrats! I felt the same way when I left my hospital job, but you will find awesome new people at your new position too. I'm so happy for you that you get to travel and do things you love!

  2. Congratulations! Adorable photo, and I love the new blog design. Love it. Very excited for you! :)

  3. Congratulations!!!! Always puts a smile on my face when good things happen to good people! And to be closer to home/school...what more could you ask for!!??!?!? :)

    Good luck!!! :)

  4. i am so, so, so, so happy for you! i hope your travels bring you to wisconsin because then we can have mimosas together!

  5. So excited for you Leah! And I can totally relate with you on blogging & responding less often. I'm having a hard time with that because I feel like I’m going to lose the awesome blog friends that I’ve made since I’m not on here much. I miss being able to read your blog every morning, but I try to come to your blog as often as I can :)

    Congrats on the new job and so excited to hear all about it soon and your new fun adventures! If they ever send you to North Cal we must meet up :) (I’m saying this in a non stalker way, lol) Happy Tuesday!

  6. Congrats on the new job!! That is so exciting! I hope it is amazing!! And I hope you get to go to some pretty awesome new places!

  7. Congrats on the new job. Sounds like you will be much happier!

  8. Wahoo! Congrats Chickie (<---intentional cliche to your chickie obsession)

  9. Looks like things are going really well for you. That's so fantastic!


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