Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ridiculous Fears

Posted By: Leah

I have real fears. Like of fire. Gav's daycare caught on fire when he was one and they had to cut a hole in the playground fence to get the kids out. They couldn't call all the parents fast enough and I found out about the fire only because someone I knew saw it on the news. My 9th grade math teacher died in a fire trying to save his family from a space heater fire. I am scared of fire.

I have a fear of guns. When I was 8 my friend was staying at our other friend's house and they found his dad's gun. My friend accidentally shot himself in the head and it was a tragic, awful death. I am scared of guns.

But this is not at all what you want to read about. You want to hear about my ridiculous fears. Like the stuff that is all in my head. Stuff people laugh at me about.

I have a fear of massages. Like... strangers touching me creeps me out. I don't enjoy it. I leave more tense than when I arrived. I keep getting them once a year or so just because everyone else in the world LOVES massages and says it's such a treat. No guys, it's awkward and uncomfortable. I like the massage chair at the nail salon. Heck, I'm okay with strangers rubbing on my feet. It's just the rest of me that is super not cool and freaks me out.

I have a fear of not wearing the right outfit. I am totally not a fashion girl. Actually, I think I have less fashion sense than most people. I never know what to wear. I am constantly over-dressing, and being extra formal when it's not necessary. We're going to dinner? I'll wear a strapless dress from Ann Taylor. It cost $200. We're going to eat tacos. I don't care. Or I can be too casual, when I should be more polished. Why am I in yoga pants when everyone else is in jeans and boots? Why don't I own enough jewelry or accessories? And this freaks me out. I feel like people judge me and think I'm weird. Oh and I don't have the right bag. Like purse-bag. I have a hello kitty bag (this is real) and one from etsy. Neither are ever appropriate for any situation.

I have a fear of not taking enough pictures. That life will pass me by and I won't have anything to show for it. That my computer wont get backed up or the websites I save photos on will crash and I'll have no more pictures. I got a new phone this year and the camera on it SUCKS. I am not an iphone girl, never have been. But I would gladly trade my lame Droid 4 just for iphone's camera. Any iphone. like the first one that looks like a brick. I don't care (and yes, duh I could just carry a camera, but no too much work). 

I have a fear of not having a not fancy enough living space. I have the same furniture I got after college when I had my first job... 10 years ago. I need to upgrade. Everything. But I keep thinking I'll move and then get new furniture or figure out a theme or design. And why should I buy new stuff when what I have is perfectly okay?

I have a fear of being the consolation prize in someone's life. Like they already have a best friend. They already know people way cooler than me. I'm just 2nd place.

I have a fear of letting myself down. Like I want stuff to be super awesome for myself. I am stubborn and want what I want. I am totally not high maintenance except for a few areas of my life. And then I can be the pickiest person ever. Pretty much if my name is on something or it reflects me personally, I want it to be super awesome.

You'd think as a mom, I'd have more fears directly related to Gav, my family, work, money, stuff like that. But I feel like I have all that under control. It's more stuff directly related to me and people judging me that I have ridiculous fears about.

What are your ridiculous fears? Link up with these awesome ladies!


  1. OMG, that happened at Gav's day care center? I would have lost it! Glad everyone got out OK!

    1. Yes, apparently someone in the kitchen of the daycare caught the kitchen on fire trying to make popcorn on the stove for the kids. The teachers handled it well... I guess they train for that kind of thing. They put all the kids in the conference room and break room at a realitor's office next door. A teacher ran to the store and got a million juice boxes and snacks. The firemen brought toys for the kids. Even though Gav was one, he says he remembers it (or I've told the story a million times).

  2. I can totally understand your fear of fire and guns!
    And I don't like massages either. I mean, I don't want strange people to touch me. No, thank you!

  3. Oh my god, poor kid with the gun :( loss of a young life hurts the most.

  4. I get the fear of massages because I don't like strangers touching me, or even standing too close! And the photos, strangely enough. I fret about not having enough concrete reminders to accompany my memories!

  5. HOLY CRAP. Your fear of fire or guns is completely NOT irrational at all. That's so scary. But for the funny ones, we share a lot of the same fears. I always feel like I don't look right or dress weird but I can say with confidence that you always look awesome!

  6. I love how intricate you got in this post. The massage thing totally hits close to home because I DO NOT like being touched by strangers. Add lotion or oil to that mix & it's skeevy central for this gal. No thank you.

    What a tragedy to have a child die at the hands of weapon that should have been unloaded, put away in a safe with a lock through the barrel and out of reach from children. We have guns in my house & even though there aren't any kids around they're all safely put away.

    Thanks so much for linking up doll!

  7. Not having the right outfit scared the Bejesus out of me too!

  8. Massages are awesome but I find that there are many people who are not comfortable with strangers touching them. I guess once you get use to it, massages can be very relaxing.

  9. couldn't agree more on the first two. I hate that you fear them for those reasons though.

    I agree with all of these. especially the clothing one. I hate being under of over dressed anywhere! I feel like I am never on par with anyone else.

    thanks so much for linking up!


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