Monday, February 18, 2013

Spreading the Love Again at Valentine's Day!

Posted By: Leah
Months ago, back at the holidays, I took part in a Christmas swap. This is where I first met Stephanie of Just A Little Bit Louder. You guys, she's my blog-land kindred spirit. I feel like she could be in my family, seriously I feel that close to her. Huge shout-out to  Lin because her pairing Stephanie and I was a perfect match!

Here's a flashback of what I sent Stephanie for Christmas... I had the most fun ever shopping for her. Basically because it was just like shopping for myself lol! All I knew was that she liked pink and sparkle!

Stephanie loved it all! She had so much fun shopping for me too that she suggested that we swap again for Valentine's Day. With so much pink and sparkle, what better time? And this was a guaranteed win-win swap!

Since first meeting Stephanie last December, I have learned so much more about her. Yes, the focus is still pink and sparkle, but I also learned her love of elephants.

This was the Valentine's Day package I sent her.

It is such a blessing to have found someone who not only loves swaps as much as I do, but that does a fabulous job of picking out the most thoughtful, wonderful gifts for me.

 I just love getting packages from other bloggers. That's why I participate in so many swaps. But there is always that risk... what if the person thinks ugly hand towels are a good gift? What if they never look at my blog and send me something I hate? With Stephanie, there's never a question. I hope that in the future we can swap again and again!

This is a flashback from Stephanie's amazing Christmas gifts she sent me. Seriously, Stephanie wins for awesomeness.

She's hilarious too. I just about died when she sent me a Granddaughter card. I mean... why not? Hahahha!

I miss my Hello Kitty tree sooo much. I wish I could have kept it up all year. Here are the sparkle cupcake ornaments and pink stars she sent me.

But, instead of focusing on Christmas of last year, it's time for Valentine's Day! Here's the adorable box from Stephanie she sent me for Vday last week!

Stephanie packaged up my gift in the cutest box! I love her use of glitter... always! 
I opened the package to find this awesome journal at the very bottom. Stephanie said that it reminder her of me. How fabulous is that??

This is everything... I just love it all sooo much Stephanie rocks at life. I am sooo fortuinate to know her.

Stephanie wrote the sweetest post about me! Here's the link to it on her blog from a week or so ago. XOXO

 OH! Since I'm totally feeling the love and in a sharing mood... these are the ADORABLE tiny skull and bow earrings my mom sent me for Vday. I love them!! I haven't taken them out all week!

And also... I took part in ANOTHER Valentine's Day swap! I know, I know it's impossible to have too much of a good thing.  I keep getting the best partners. I am such a lucky girl!!! 

I LOVED opening my super colorful and fun package from Jaci of jaclynne.jaci.jax
Is this cupcake card not the best ever!? 

The package itself was this awesome box Jaci made all cute and custom just for me!!!

Here is what was inside! I am such an avid Hello Kitty girl that you'd think I would get duplicates of everything. Honestly, I have never gotten a duplicate item... ever! It's amazing. I love the cute cupcake lipgloss. And the L on the candle... that's cupcake scented! 

Cupcakes + Hello Kitty make me the happiest and Jaci did perfect with her selection! I also reallly like the jewelry holder. I like it when I get non-HK stuff too, you know, to mix it up lol! ANd this is so cool, it reminds me of barbie! I have my ShopLeah Hair ties on it right now!

AND... this is what I sent Laura!  who was my swap partner. She's fron Texas, loves Penguins and Starbucks! Fun girl for sure!
I had to get on Ebay to find the Ranger's cups and Etsy for the custom magnets. Living in North Carolina, Texas stuff isn't really all that readily available LOL!

This photo of Laura cracks me up big time hahah!!!
PS do you see her Ranger's shirt? Her Texas Rangers love is for real XOXO

 Do you participate in swaps?
Are you super jealous of all the awesomeness I get/give in swaps? (I would totally get jealous reading this post and sign up for the next swap I saw, lol)
Do you wish I was your swap partner for life like I have with Stephanie?


  1. <3 all these bloggers and we found each other!!! also, you didn't know this but the little candy hearts were actually hello kitty.. but the box wouldn't fit in the package. seriously a theme.

    i wore my elephant shirt and EVERYBODY LOVED IT. and i got to say "leah got this for me!!!" and it was exciting. :) <3

  2. Oh my goodness, you guys sent each other the best swap items. I'm usually not a very sparkly person but I'm diggin' all that pink & sparkle.

    Glad you guys became such great blog friends :)


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