Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ten on Tues

Posted By: Leah
1) So excited for the amazingly positive response to my new blog design. I had a vision and Natalie made it real. The new blog design seriously feels like a makeover. Most of the people reading my blog don't see me daily, I feel like what they do see of me here on the blog needs to be the best reflection of who I am. This blog design nails it!

2) Guess what? it's that time of year when I ditch my style of the past and get on board with a new look. Clearly this year it will be a Zooey Deschanelle in 500 Days of Summer look. You know, sorta vintageie, professional, idk how to describe it. What are some different online stores I can find more clothes that style? All I can think of right now is Modcloth, but I already know everything they have. Looking for something different. Also *wink wink* I am open to doing reviews of said-style clothing and/or giveaways. Just putting that out there!

3) I have been exhausted the past couple of weeks and yes, I know, my blog has suffered. I wish I could say that things were going to be calm again, but I have a lot on my plate. It's all good things, very good stuff actually. It's always a fine line between sharing interesting stuff happening in my life on the blog and sharing too much. For now, less is more. But I'm doing really well!

4) I finally got caught up on this new season of Girls this weekend. This was after BF and I realized we didn't see the last episode of last season. I was like WHAT? Why is Adamhurt? Since when is that girl with an accent is married? Shoshana has a BF?  We also are at the end of season 2 of Downton Abbey. I love how it feels like the whole world is loving the same shows we love. We just need to get everyone on board with Mindy Project and I'll be happy.

5) In some not so exciting news, Gav has to get some dental work done next week. Nothing major, but he will get a little "laughing gas." He goes to a pediatric dentist who is fabulous, so he couldn't be in better hands. Gav's dad is taking him and said he'd video it for me. I have never gotten nitrous at the dentist so I have no clue what it's going to be like. Gav is super prepared and ready, the awesome dentist explained it all to him.

6) Guess what you guys, it's Fat Tuesday! I have on my Mardi Gras tiny hat. It is fantastic. I know you are jealous.

I am pretty sure it's impossible for me to make a normal expression in a selfie lol!

7) I don't think I'm celebrating lent this year. I mean in the sense where I'd give up something. Sometimes I do, and it is good. But this year, I will have to give up something either super easy like cussing (I don't cuss, just FYI if you couldn't tell already lol). Or... Maybe something like "negative thoughts," or well... I have until the end of the day to decide, right? I will just celebrate Fat Tuesday and look forward to Easter, because those are my fav's!

8) I'm blogging for my iPad (I did 99% of this post last night, just the mardi gras hat is from today) and I type with my left hand muddle finger and right hand ring finger with pinkie in the air. I think all the blood has drained out of all my fingers and they are just cold now. Probably not the healthiest. Good thing I'm already at #8.

9) Randomly I told BF this past weekend that I would totally get a matching tattoo with him. He doesn't have any and I have 5, so clearly a bigger deal for him than me. But I can't even remember where the idea came from, but it seemed like a good plan to have for down the road.

10) so I really don't drink wine, but this weekend I realized that barefoot miscato and was sparkling! AND it's only like $4 something which is very cheap for wine. I have a $30 bottle of Italian sparkling miscato I am thinking of finally drinking on Valentines day. It's the one wine I love and I have reason to celebrate!


  1. Cute pic! I have actually never had Moscato! So with matching tats, is there a girl version and a boy version or are they the same?

  2. I like Girls, but not enough to pay for th HBO subscription. I'm cheap. And OMG Italian Sparkling Moscato sounds amazing!!!

  3. omg I lovee the Mindy Project too!!! It is SO good!

  4. YAY. i love when you post! missed you boo!
    love the design (i know i've already said that) and i love love zooey and i love your look! i wish i could give up swear words. but i would fail. immediately. and i wish i could give up the booze. but i would also fail. GAH. and i guess i need to watch that british show that everyone is watching...sigh.

  5. Check out Shabby Apple. They have cute stuff.

  6. Cheers! Congrats! Happy Valentine's Day :)

  7. I'm so classy I usually like cheap wine over the expensive stuff! Haha

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. 1. It's definitely a really good looking layout. Very cute.
    2. Zooey is the cutest.
    3. The same thing here. There's so much stuff going on in my life, which I dont really feel comfortable sharing right now and the blog has suffered. Oh well. It's all about writing when you're able to, right?
    4. The last couple of episodes of Girls has been pretty Meh, IMO. Am I still watching though? Hells yes.
    5. Oh my gosh, that's going to be one funny video.
    6. Haha, too cute!
    7. Me either.
    9. Sounds like a good idea. Kind of. I mean, if you're in it for the long haul of course.
    10. Wine is SO good!

    I know I'm ubber late on commenting but thanks for linking up doll!


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