Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

Posted By: Leah
1- The Firefly festival lineup just came out. And I can't find the list to post the artists anywhere. But I took notes on their super long boring youtube video you can watch here. In Summary, the ppl who are playing who I'd be interested in seeing are the Lumineers, Matt & Kim, Alabama Shakes,Vampire Weekend, Edward Sharpe, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, Foster the People, Passion Pitt, Ellie Goulding, Public Enemy, Avetts, and I hate the Chili Peppers and Tom Petty, so although they are the headliners I say they can go back to the 80's/90's. It's like how I skipped Eminem at Bonnaroo. I don't even care. I don't know anyone who's been to Firefly, but I'm guessing it's a mini Bonnaroo, but in the woods in Deleware. So it might not be so crazy hot. Which wins it bonus pts.

BF and I at Bonnaroo 2011

2- The Bonnaroo line-up is coming out today at 1pm. I was sooo disappointed after last year's line-up (and clearly we didn't go), that I have very low expectations for this year. I sware if they don't have huge acts I'm not even considering it. Everybody's guessing the headliners will be Frank Ocean, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, Mumford & Sons and Bjork. And once again, I will pass is this is true. I've seen Mumford at Bonnaroo 2 yrs ago. And could care less about the others. If Bonnaroo asked me, I would tell them I want to see Adele, Rihana, Jack White... plus everyone who's already said they'd be at Firefly. I feel like Bonnaroo can get BIG BIG name artists. And last year they flexed their big big artist muscles and got the Beach Boys. Sorry, but not into it :/ I also don't like how Firefly/Bonnaroo announce on the same day. I think Bonnaroo is more of an all-over draw. We camped by people from Texas, NC, SC, Florida etc. I'm guessing in Delaware Firefly gets more of the NY and above crowd.

3- You guys, I need shoes. Not in a TOMS one for one, I need someone to donate shoes. But it does have to do with TOMS. Here's the thing... for the past 2 maybe 3 years, I've worn TOMS every.single.day to work. While this is fine and good for the winter, I'm kind of feeling something more feminine for summer. BUT... I have a couple requests (you know, before you all send me all your favorite shoe styles). 1) I really want flats. I am just a little old lady you guys, I can't handle heels anymore unless it's something REALLY special. Like a wedding or photo-shoot,  or you know, I'm sitting around not walking. So flats FTW. 2) I have tattoos. On the tops of my feet. While I love them and they are super adorable. I don't really like them all front and center at work.

4-  I really like how I didn't even have to scroll my blog, I just googled myself and boom got a foot pic. Ok actually a few
yay google, yay. 

5-  Ok wow... got super distracted with everything that came up for 'lovely life of leah star kitty foot tattoo.' 

Ok these aren't mine but for real... are these super random things not fabulous!? Google knows what I like! It's like a custom pinterest board called 'what's in Leah's head.' 

5- So I realized almost all of these above photos were from a blog called Little blog of horrors. All in one post! You guys, I just found this blog and I adore this girl. I have already forgotten about shoes or whatever I was talking about before. Ok so she's from Glasgow, Scotland which automatically makes her even more awesome. Let me go blog stalk her and I'll get to #6 on my list later.

6- Ok (30 minutes later) On TV (while I was typing this post) was the Adventure Time girl-version Fiona and Cake (instead of Finn and Jake).  It's soo adorable. I wish they would make a zillion more of these episodes.

7) Speaking of Adventure Time, Gav, BF and I did something really fun this past weekend. We went to Geeksboro, a local coffeeshop/cinema for Saturday morning cartoons!  Gav got a fruity pebbles muffin and bf and I got coffee and a bagle. We came in just in time for Adventure Time! If you live in Greensboro, Geeksboro does the cartoons on Saturday at 8am and 10am and loops them until noon. It's on the 1st floor in the cinema. They do movies there at night. And games in the coffee shop if that's your thing! Oh and it's all free (except for the food. obv.)

8)  Speaking of food (ok not really, but sort-of) February is Subway $5 footlong month. Like any footlong is $5, which is a good deal. So I got gav a turkey/ranch one and had it cut into 4ths. Thinking this would last him for several meals. WELLLL... I put the whole sub on the table and told him to have 1/4 and if he wanted more to get it. I went in the other room, came back and this child was 3/4 done with the sub! That's more than adults eat! He would have had the last piece, but I didn't want him to make himself sick. But daannnggg. I usually get him the kid's meal at subway which is like 1/4 and comes with a yogurt lol. I was kind of impressed he ate that much, kind of freaked out.

9) I hate the Bachelor. It's gotten to the point where I refuse to watch... and you know that's bad news. I think Sean is boring, lame, has some weird rescuer/enabeler issues. and that's all I can handle.

10)  Now that Valentine's Day is over, it's time to start thinking about St. Patrick's Day aka my work BFF Lauren's birthday!!! How fab are these cupcakes!? 

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UPDATE: Firefly posted the list (finally)
SN: Coachella posted their list and for once it actually isn't that great.
Moral of story, I hate the Chili Peppers. It's like middle school all over again.
Why do people still like them?


  1. Woah Gav! He must be going through a growth spurt or something!

  2. Oh, I would loooove to see Blur! I love them since I was 13 but I have never been to one of their concerts. It is a shame.

  3. 1. That line up sounds great to me. I'm not a huge fan of any of them in particular but they're all good.
    2. Meh, I'd pass too.
    3. I need new shoes too so it looks like youre out of luck with my broke ass sending you some. Sorry sweets.
    4. Haha, people who have a foot fetish must love your blog.
    6. I adore Adventure Time! Seriously it's the funniest show.
    7. How freakin' rad! Wish they had a place like this in Socal.
    8. $5 Subs are the bees knees. If I had the cash Id totally eat there everyday until the end of the month. And kudos to Gav for showing that sandwich who's boss.
    9. I stopped watching that show years ago. Totally over it.

  4. yeah but can we talk about how on the coachella poster, 5th of the small lines down, second in... is my buddy ALLEN STONE? so there's that.

    also at any given moment in seattle, a radio station is playing rhcp, no kidding.


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