Friday, February 15, 2013

Will You Be My Valentine Reveal

Posted By: Leah
When I heard about the Will You Be My Valentine swap hosted by Kailyn and Eryka I had to take part. This was a secret Valentine swap, where the person who you have doesn't have you.

I got so so lucky on this swap. I know I say that in every swap, but seriously you guys, the gifts I received were from a blogger who I look up to and have been in awe of since I first started following her last year. She's a 5th year PhD student, she lives in Texas, she's hilarious and awesome in every way... you guessed it.... my partner was Sar of Life of Love!

Sar totally nailed my gift. I mean Hello Kitty + Cupcakes? Yes I will be your Valentine XO!

One of my favorite things about this swap was it got it's very own hashtag #willyoubemyvalentineswap. I love Instagram. All of my IRL friends and blog friends are on there. It has been a blast seeing all the suprises from everyone's secret Valentine's.

This is the photo Sar put on IG prior to sending my cute Valentine's Day package but it was a secret who it was to. I am SOO Excited it was sent to me!

Gav and I couldn't wait to make cupcakes with the cute sprinkles, toppers and wrappers from Sar. We held off until this week so we could enjoy them for Valentine's Day:

PS: Pro Tip from Gav and I... if you ever have sprinkles to use when you are baking, mix a little into the batter for funfetti cupcakes anytime! These had red and pink sprinkles in them and on them. So much fun! Thaks Sar!

My secret Valentine was Carlisa of Something Infinately Interesting, a new friend! and here's the super secret photo I posted to IG before she knew I was her partner...

and then here's the package at Carlisa's house when she opened it and here is her reveal photo of everything:

So much fun!

Valentine's Day can be so stressful if you're single, and also stressful if you're with someone, there's just so much expectation. I loved taking part in this swap. It's just fun girls sending each other awesome gifts. This was a low-budget swap. It was $10 max to spend on your partner. If you've never done a swap before, these budgets are everything. Sometimes it's easy to get creative on the cheap (hello target dollar section). Sometimes not so much. From the photos I've seen from this swap, everyone gave such amazing gifts! Awesome group taking part!



  1. I love this! I need to get in on this next year, you find the best swaps!

  2. Thank you so much again! i loved everything!

  3. you give the best stuff! feel free to send some my way just because you want to!!


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