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April Showers Joules Review and Giveaway CLOSED

Posted By: Leah

In the US, we call them rain boots. In the UK they are wellies. They got the name Wellingtons or Wellies after the Duke of Wellington back in the olden days. Currently, rain boots super trendy and are the perfect footwear for skinny jeans!

When I was contacted by Joules, they said I could hold a review and giveaway. I was so excited! I got to choose my very own wellies that were shipped to me all the way from the UK!

For this post, I'm just going to call rain boots wellies. There's no difference in wellies and rain boots, just the name! So from here on out, imagine I ditched the southern accent and I'm faux-British just like Madonna!

The most exciting thing about the Joules site was the choice in colors of boots! I wanted a flowered pair, then a striped pair, there was no way I was getting a solid color pair... until I saw the bow!

To say I adore these wellies is an understatement. They are so comfortable, so stylish. 
And so so well made! 

The thick rubber keeps my feet dry. The cloth lining keeps my feet warm. 

The rubber is very flexible and doesn't give that 'crease' that cheap rain boots can give in the top of your foot. I wore these in the rain all day. I drove in them. I didn't want to take them off!

The bows are cute, yes, but they serve a purpose, they  make the boots adjustable so they are not only easy to take on and off. They also allow for thick socks to be worn. 
The hardware is metal. So the grosgrain bows go through metal rings, and the Joules tags on the front are in metal. These boots have a slight heel and a little bit of tread. I would feel confident wearing them in the rain or snow.

Sorry about all these from behind shots lol. But the bows on the wellies were sooo cute, it was the best way to capture them!
I am totally not a fashion blogger (clearly). But in the event you were curious about where I got my cape, it's from Charming Charlie from a year ago.

I love the photos of me in the parking log stomping in rain puddles. I wanted to also show the boots out in the mud (ok it's mulch, close enough) too!

This is my super serious I'm a model look. Kidding. 

 I really love these wellies! I seriously was thrilled when it rained so I could have an excuse to wear them!

And on to the giveaway! 
I am so sorry, I would love to have the opportunity to give away a pair of wellies. I absolutely recommend getting yourself a pair. Trust me these are sooo much better than the cheap ones you probably have in your closet from Target. 

Joules knows that not everyone lives in a rainy environment. You could be reading this from sunny SoCal and thinking wow, Joules is an awesome brand, I wish I could get something else from them not rain boots. Well guess what? Joules have a whole site of cute clothes, and everything is super British/Nautical. 
They even have choices for kids, babies and dudes. 

What can you win?

The winner of this giveaway will get their choice of EITHER a 
Joules Ecobag (whichever color/print you like there's a ton of prints!)

Women's Welly Socks in Apple (green)! Perfect for your wellies if you live in a super cold area.

One of my other favorite things about my wellies (other than how adorable they are!) is the box they were shipped in. Isn't it gorgeous?

I love these boots. I am soo lucky to have the opportunity to review them. These wellies are what's up. The quality and fit are perfect. They are gorgeous. I adore them.

(you might remember these photos if you follow me on IG)

 Shout-out to BF for taking these pics of me for the giveaway post! Also thanks to Gav for being super patient as I stomped around in the rain!

Good luck!


  1. So cute, love them! :)

    Also, miss you woman!

  2. I live in Arizona. What April Showers?

  3. Im with Aki, no rain in AZ but I love going to Portland and there is plenty of rainy days. I also love these photos, so adorable.

  4. May showers.....should have said this earlier

  5. oh girllllll...
    you know i'm in on this! I saw a parent wearing a pair of knee high wellies here in Miami...yes...it barely drizzled that day and i'm not judging...because I'm loving them!!!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  6. I don't know...about May Flowers, but we are sure getting a cold front here in the MIA...so bring on the raiinnnnn!

  7. April showers bring gloomy days and cold weather :/ LOL. But those wellies are super cute!!! I love the bows.



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