Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Disney Inspiration and Regret

Posted By: Leah

You guys, I'm going to Disney World. I have this crazy, reoccurring Disney pattern in my life. Where from the time I was 7, to now, I have gone to Disney World once every 5 years. Exactly 5 years. (ok maybe once it was 6 yrs between trips). No matter what. It's not something I plan, but it's a fact. The last time I was there I was 28. I had won employee of the year at my job at the time and got to pick a vacation. With a 2 year old, duh, where else could I take him? When I go again this May, I will have just turned 33. Five years to the month you guys. It's what I call my 'Disney Fate.'
However, this time when I go to Disney World, it will be for work and it's during the school week when Gav can't be off (his dad will be keeping him). Regardless if it's for work or not... I'm pretty sure that the fact I'm going to Disney World and not taking my 6 year old child makes me the worst mom ever.

To further clarify, even though it's a trip for work, I'm not working in the Magic Kingdom, or Epcot or IN any of the parks at all. I have a conference that yes, is on Disney property. However, I'll be in an exhibit hall every day all day. I'm not sure it will even be possible for me to go into the parks while I'm there. BUT, since I'm staying on property I can ride the monorail and busses to the other resorts, and stand outside Epcot and take selfies if I really want...

While I know this is still really awesome and I will be involved in the magic even if it's indirectly. This trip also got me thinking and reflecting on some of my favorite Disney quotes from movies and Walt himself. But also some regrets as well...

I have shared a little about what I do, like my real job, here on my blog before. You all know or will learn right now, I've been an event planner  (in some capacity) for the past 11 years; ever since I graduated college. I was a recreation and tourism major (yes this is a real major) and have been very fortunate to always have jobs directly in my field. One of my greatest regrets, though, was not taking part in the Disney Internship in school.

Like most people, I love Walt Disney World. I've been lucky to have the opportunity to visit the parks many times. In college, in a communication class strangely enough, I saw a presentation  by a lady who worked at the Disney Wedding Pavilion. It's on it's own private island in the Seven Seas lagoon. The chapel window was built in a way to perfectly frame Cinderella's castle in the Magic Kingdom.
I visited Disney World the year after I graduated college and actually convinced my family to take the monorail the long way into the Magic Kingdom from our resort, just so we could go by the Disney Wedding Pavilion. Sure, I thought I'd get engaged at the park, and married there. None of that happened. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I always thought I'd be planning events there. And I still am not over the fact I didn't do the Disney Internship.

Fast forward to now. Walt Disney World holds a special place in my heart, like it does so many people. I'm not a Mickey / Minnie freak, I don't even really have a favorite Disney movie (Aladdin, Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast, duh). And OMGG I really want to go to the new Be our Guest restaurant. Yes I've blogged about this before, if you are feeling de ja vu.

It is just exciting for me, being such a Disney fan to go there for work. And yeah, I know, I'm not working IN the parks at all. But the experience feels very full circle. But also odd that Gav won't be there and it is not a true Disney vacation. 

I'm not going down to Orlando for this conference for another month or so. Actually, I'll be on the gulf coast of Florida for another event in just over a week.  But something about starting to plan for Disney Wold just holds a special place in my heart. Even if I don't ever get to actually step foot into the Magic Kingdom or Epcot.

Do you love Disney World as much as I do? Do you agree with me that I'm the worst mom ever for not being able to bring Gav to Disney with me? Is there any way I can make it up to him other than bringing him gifts and/or planning a Disney vacation for us?

I did find this website, it's through Disney and you can buy a single day ticket for entrance to the park after 4pm - close. I am going to look into it. I will have three days that I know for sure I have no plans after 5pm. Have you or anyone you know taken advantage of this after 4 pass before?


  1. Do you love Disney World as much as I do?

    YES. It is my favorite place on Earth!

    Do you agree with me that I'm the worst mom ever for not being able to bring Gav to Disney with me?

    Absolutely not!!! Do not beat yourself up about this. You're going for work, and even if you were able to bring him, it wouldn't be enjoyable because you'd have work on the brain.

    Is there any way I can make it up to him other than bringing him gifts and/or planning a Disney vacation for us?

    Moms have enough to feel guilty about. You don't need to make anything up to him, but I think you'd feel better if you used your work trip as a "scouting" trip to plan a vacation with him.

    I too really regret not doing the Disney internship in college. Sigh.

  2. You take me with you and we go to the parks. Problem solved!!!

  3. Oh yeah! I'm a huge fan of Disney! :)
    I think that Walt Disney is a genius! So jealous you've been there, really! That's amazing! Great photos! Great quotes!
    And tattoo. is it yours? :)
    Thanks for sharing! X

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney World. I'm not sure that really quite conveys my LOVE for it. There's something SO magical about Main Street USA .. Its indescribable. My son is 9 and hes been 5 times. My brother works there. It's the best!

  5. YAY!! AH I'm so excited that you get to come to Disney!! If you do decide to come in to the parks shoot me a tweet and maybe we can meet! :) Love all the quotes you posted! :)


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