Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Polyvore About Me Take 2 And Bubble Tea

Posted By: Leah
Remember a couple weeks ago I posted on losing my sparkle.  Tonight I took another shot at my 'about me page' and realized that my new colors will be lilac, mint, and coral... basically I'm on trend for spring (kidding... sorta. Ok I have no clue but I feel right about this one).

Anyhow, this polyvore is a little extra crazy. But it's better than the previous one, that's for sure!

Lovely Life of Leah

...and... side note... I heard that it's not hard to make your own bubble tea. I have an Asian grocery store by me and I reallly want to figure this out. I love bubble tea!

PS -  Taro (the purple) is a sweet potato-type root, yes, but omg it tastes just like a sugar cookies milkshake. And I LOVE the boba (tapeoka pearls). Some ppl prefer it w/ out the boba. It tastes like gummy bears to me, and who doesn't love those?

The color is my favorite ever. I just love it!

And... if you are reading this from a super small town without a bubble tea place or Asian grocery store. I found everything you need to make taro bubble tea from Amazon.

and...... because when I start searching these things... it's pretty much led me to a  spiral of awesomeness....





Do you like bubble tea?


  1. I have never heard of this Bubble Tea?! Where do you find all these things?!

  2. Thank you for featuring my bubble tea painting! It's currently on sale in my Etsy shop:

    I love your collection of bubble tea art!

    Liat (from StarrySphereArt)

  3. I love bubble tea. It's so fun popping the balls in my mouth.


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