Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday SOCIAL - Pinterest Fav's

Posted By: Leah
First time linking up Sunday Social. I saw the topic was all about Pinterest favorites...  I love seeing what my friends post. Here are my fav's too!

1- What is your favorite outfit pin? 

Her bangs. Her heart frames. That car. Her pink petticoat!
Sure, this look is probably only good for a photo shoot. And her purpleish heels annoy me that they don't match. But as a non-fashionista... this photo is pretty much everything I like in a look. So sweet!

2- What is your favorite food pin?

One of my favorite things about Pinterest is the ordinary being turned into the extraordinary. These are mini cupcakes baked in katsup cups. Apparently they are strong enough to be place directly on a cookie sheet to bake. I LOVE cute little things like this. I have to remember to make these. CUTEE!

3- What is your favorite wedding pin? 

Everything about this is so adorable. I think because I've already been married and had the whole big fancy white wedding, I am open to more non-traditional stuff now. I love how her belt matches her flowers. And I can only hope she's wearing red flats too! I think her bow veil is perfect. And love her subtle inked up arm as well. Perfection!

4- What is your favorite DIY/Craft pin? 

I've been meaning to get my hands on some chalkboard paint for a while. I know it would be dangerous, though. I'm pretty sure I'd turn every hard surface I could get my hands on into a chalkboard. A cup? A shoe? No one could stop me.  This is a $1 store 'silver' tray done up right!

5-  What is your favorite quote / verse/lyric pin?

I have sooo many quotes that I've repinned. WAY more than outfits, hair, food, etc. I think what's in your mind, and what you read can be the most motivating thing in your life. I like this one a lot. I want so much for everyone I know, I never want people to sell themselves short or feel they have to settle.

6- Share the most random pin you love:


This is everything awesome. Don't judge me. 

Link up your own fav's for the Sunday Social!
Sunday Social


  1. #2 looks just like Alyssa Milano! No lie!

  2. hey! I like your outfit pin! Great one! Actually they all looks cool! :)
    check mine pinterest pinned stuff! might like something as well! ;)p

  3. HAHAHA OMG! I love the HK vodka one!!! How awesome would that be to have out during a party? So cute! oh and the pink petticoat? Im so jealous that I didnt think about doing that with my wedding dress! That would of been so cool!

    Happy Monday!

  4. I love every single one of these! I followed you on pinterest! :)

  5. Love these pins!! I love the outfit pin and also the chalkboard pin!! :)
    :) Rebecca

  6. That outfit! Those shades! That hair! That car!!
    SO GORGEOUS!! I can dream right?
    Hope youre well lovely. Sarah xxx
    I wondered if anyone might be interested in this..GIVE A LITTLE LOVE

  7. love them all.... well, except for the hello kity. lol :) happy friday!


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