Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Design Inspiration in an Unexpected Place

Posted By: Leah
I will start off and say I'm not going to London. I have been to Europe before, and am going again in a few weeks for work (!) but this post is not about that trip.

You all know I do logistics for my work. Logistics is a fancy word meaning I pull together the details of events. So part of my job is to help other people at my work with their hotel reservations. I'm sure many people do this at their work, not super exciting usually, right?

 I work for a global company, so that said, last week I was seeking a hotel in London to book for an upcoming conference. Sounds pretty routine, right? you guys... London is NICE! Not that I ever had any doubt, but having never been there, IDK I never really thought about the hotels.

omg so I never knew my design inspiration... but after clicking through the suggested hotels for an upcoming conference in London... I think I have finally found it!

Get ready for some awesome!

This was the first hotel I saw, the above photos are from the Covent Garden Hotel. 

And afternoon tea of course!

 I kept searching. Next I found Number Sixteen.

Then the Haymarket!


So after looking at all these gorgeous boutique hotels, I figured out my decorating style... finally! I really like clean/simple white/gray with a pop of color. Especially pink/green/yellow! 

Apparently this is the style of boutique hotels in London and it works for me as well! 

I feel like I've been searching for a decor style forever. Now I know what it is! It's a relief! I feel like I could go to Marshall's or Home Goods and be like "YES! This is what I want!"

And just as a reference for myself (before I forget the design elements)
  • Stripes
  • Magenta
  • Light Green
  • Square Vases
  • Dark Pink Flowers
  • White/light background
  • Gray/tan accents

And because I'm a researcher and wanted a name for this style decor, I found the designer of this style AKA the one who designed EVERY SINGLE ONE of the above hotels (score! and a coincidence!)
Her name is Kit Kemp and here is her book called A Living Space!!!

Pretty much going to have to buy this book asap!

Where have you found design inspiration? 


  1. Take me with yooooooooooooooooou!!!!

  2. Wow! I want to decorate my house in bright colors and shtuff!

  3. Wow!!! Those rooms are so cute!!! I love all of them! I think my design style leans towards that too. I have color/decortaing ADD, lol. That is so awesome that you are going to London for your job. Amazing! Did you decide to stay at that hotel? I want to travel to London just to stay there! lol.

  4. I want to stay in the yellow rose room.


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