Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's like 16 candles... plus 17 more

Posted By: Leah
Remember that part in the movie 16 Candles where it was Molly Ringwald's birthday and her entire family forgot because they were all too busy with her sister's wedding? Ok, I mean that's basically the premise of the whole movie. But I feel like that this year. My birthday is this Sunday (cinco de mayo, always a party!) except instead of everybody else forgetting it's my birthday like in 16 Candles, I've kind of forgotten my own birthday.... and I NEVER do that.

But I'm okay with it. Yes, I'm an over-planner, especially when it comes to myself. Hey? I'm an event planner for a living, so I am required to plan stuff non-stop. Remember this post ? I seriously do my birthdays up BIG. And I remind everyone I'm around for months and weeks up to my birthday so they all remember to celebrate me.

But not this year. I am so crazy busy with planning stuff at work that I haven't had time to focus on planning anything for myself. And that's a good thing. It's actually the way it's supposed to be ... right? There's that quote I know you've seen on Pinterest. It says...
Here's the thing. And I'm going to be totally honest. At my old job I still planned events, but smaller, more regional ones at a non-profit (aka tiny budget). Therefore, I had hours and hours a day to do anything else I wanted such as blog... plan extravagant birthday events for myself... do design work... whatever.

Well now, I have a different job. A corporate one where I work (like real work, not just being at the  office) working for well over 40 hours a week. This leaves no time for anything else. And there is a strict policy of not checking personal email at work, going on websites for entertainment (cough cough blogging), etc. And at first, yes it was a struggle.

I had this urge about 5 times an hour to check my email. Or get on FB or check my blog feed. But strangely enough, the urge has gone away. I mean yes, of course I would LOVE to have the blogging schedule I used to have. But I have swapped that out for real, meaningful, important work.

The hardest part is you guys. Yes, you who are reading this. In this week alone I've gotten three emails (well 2 FB messages) from friends saying they miss my blog. And I kind of had no idea. Like I 'know' people read it. I still have over 1,000 page views a day. So somebody somewhere's reading this. It just hits home when it's people I know saying they miss reading what I've written.  I'd love to be able to say oh I'll carve out an hour a night to blog. But you guys, I'm a single mom. I run a household, work full time, have a boyfriend, and even though I REALLLYYY want to blog daily like I used to, I just can't. That's the reason for the new design I had done for the blog when I accepted my new position. I wanted you all to get a different 'feeling' when you stopped by my place on the internet.

But work is really good. Yesterday, for example, I called both the Bellagio and Caesar's in Las Vegas and today I called Disney World. I mean who gets paid to do events at these places, not just go on their websites for fun? Oh yeah... me. And no, I don't get to go to ALLLL the events I plan at work. But I do the logistics. I plan the details and all the fun creative stuff. I plan the dinners and the gifts and the decor. It's pretty much awesome. It's what I've always wanted to do. You do not know how many hours (probably more like days/weeks) I've spent on the Bellagio website. And Disney site. Like it's almost surreal I get to call them and have a real purpose!

So you guys, I'm here. If you need me or need my advice I will always take time to email you back. I just can't always come up with new, fun, interesting blog content and have the time at home to write it. You understand, right?

Ok enough about that, so back to my birthday!!!!

So the good news is me being all wrapped up in everything except myself (for once lol), BF has gotten to have free reign of where my bday will be celebrated this year. You may remember, but my deal is I absolutely cannot be in my own town for my bday. I HAVE to be on vacation somewhere. It's just my rule :)

I was at Disney World when I turned 29, The beach when I turned 30, 31 (I also celebrated in NYC) and beach when I was 32.  And now that I'm turning 33 where will we be celebrating... you guessed it... the beach again!

This year will be different because Gav is coming along with me and BF to the beach. We have taken trips as a little family before, but this is the first time for my bday.

I'll try for real to take pictures. But you all know I generally fail at remembering to upload them off my camera, so I'm thinking IG is the best way to follow me.

So think of me on Cinco de Mayo and celebrate with me no matter where you are!


  1. Girl, take your time. Get out and have fun. Make that money (but don't let that money make you) and just l-i-v-e! That is honestly what it's all about. That's the problem with some of these women bloggers sometimes. They think they HAVE to blog, when really.... it's just a hobby and at times.... an obsession (like me!) We are lonely at times. We are bored. And jumping on the internet is an easy fix for it. Hell, I am still in my nightgown, no bra, teeth unbrushed and it will probably stay that way til noon.

    So you do you. Be you. And enjoy your life OFF of the social networks. I can't wait for the day when I get a REAL job. I will lose weight and get off of this damn thing!!!

    Love and miss ya! xoxo

  2. I misssss yooooooou!!! SO glad work is going well though. Let me know when my position is available! Heh

  3. First of all, your job sounds amazing! Lucky! :)

    I miss seeing your post too, but i totally understand. I always think about emailing you, because your my favorite blog friend, but I know your busy and I can always see what your up to on Instagram :)
    I gave Jon control of planning my 30th birthday because I wanted him to suprise me, and hes not doing too well, lol, I think im going to end up planning my own always :)
    Hope you guys have a great time at the beach for your birthday!


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