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Budapest Shopping | Stitch Fix

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Remember yesterday's post when I was shocked about how super delicious the food was in Budapest? Today's post is about how amazing the clothes stores in Budapest are... and for the record... I'm totally not a fan of shopping. But just like everything else, Europe makes even the little things like going to the store super awesome and fun.

So when normal people go to Budapest, they tour fancy castles, look at cathedrals, learn about a post-communist country's history; educational stuff like that right? Not me. I was there for work and had a total of maybe 4 hours total to myself when I was there that week. Budapest is known for their baths, you know.... like a palace with natural springs and I heard they are like a fancy spa. Beats me! because even though I thought about checking one out, I ended up going shopping in my little bit of free time instead!

As soon as my conference had ended and I had the final group of attendees on the bus to the airport, I  started packing items up and filling out customs forms to get everything back to the US. It took me until almost 6:30pm but I got it all done and had a couple hours to myself in Budapest... hooray!

My hotel was right on Fashion Street, the shopping area of Budapest, so what better place for me to spend my last little bit of time? First I hit up Zara, which is sort of like Loft mixed with Forever 21.

As soon as I left Zara guess what? total downpour :( I mean seriously... can I get 2 hours of nice weather? So I went back to my hotel room kinda excited about what I got, but also a little bummed because of the weather. 
I ended up getting three scarves and four tops at Zara. The style was really fun and colorful. 
I had tried on everything except for the one shirt with the Asian girl on it. I mean the shirt was adorable and I had tried on enough stuff to know I'm a medium in European fashion. so I got the Asian girl shirt back to the hotel and just about fell on the ground laughing when I realized what it said "DFTBA" "Don't forget to be awesome." BAHAHA best shirt everrr!!!

Thank goodness the rain stopped shortly after that and I ran right back out for more shopping! I was so thrilled with my purchases and couldn't wait to see  other tores in Budapest! This time I put on jeans so I didn't look like I was in the middle of working lol! Plus my other clothes were soaked form the storm.
The tops on the upper row are from Promod, it's a French store in Budapest that I actually remembered shopping in before when I was in Paris. The bottom shirts are from a realllly inexpensive store that I totally forgot the name of, but they also had cute, bright, fun clothes. 

I got back to my room and was like oh yikes... in my little shopping spree, somehow I had 12 tops, 3 jackets and three scarves. I had unloaded some of the items I packed in my suitcase, but  I had to do creative Tetrus-style packing to get them all in my suitcase and back to the US. 

I know I could have looked up the exchange rate on my phone for Hungarian Forents and the VAT, but I figured it was all pretty inexpensive, I mean I sort of remembered 1,000 Forent bill = $2 US, and all the shirts were around 9,999 Forents, so that was a good deal, right? UMM yeah. no.

I pulled up my checking account when I got home and the shirts were a little more than I had thought, but whatever. I mean HI? I was in Budapest. Who knows if I'll ever go back. And I legit needed some new tops for summer and for work and that's what I got. So not really mad about any of it.

Another thing I got in Budapest is the bag above! I took this picture on my bed in my room and omg it looks photoshopped like I cropped out the background, right!? ANyhow the bag's amazing. It's really big and can hold my laptop and then the plaid bag inside is something I honestly have always needed. It doubles as the lining but also has a strap that clips on it and is long enough to be an across the body bag! In Europe, all the girls carry purses of course, but they carry them across their body. Not really an american style but I know it's done for safety. I was sooo happy when I was given this bag at my conference as a thank you. They knew what they were doing shopping for me :) It was absolutely perfect for me to take shopping that evening. 

So that's it for my Budapest posts. It was an awesome trip and I'm totally bummed I didn't get to really enjoy the city and relax like a tourist. I was there for work and truly, I worked just about the entire time.
Here's a quick shot I took on the phone as I flew away from Budapest. That's the Danube river, it separates Buda and Pest. Budapest is actually two cities separated by the river. I was in Pest the entire time, and I heard there was cool historical stuff in Buda, but I never went there so I guess I'll never know for sure.

Next week I'll post on a couple things I know you guys have been dying to hear about... how I ended up as a 'global event planner.' Like you know, how I got to where I am (I"ll give you a hint: it's networking. LinkedIn specifically). And also I've taken 4 trips on the airplane to various places in the US and Europe in the past three months, so I"ll do another post on travel/packing/ all the trips I wish someone had told me before I had to learn by experience. Anything else I can answer for you about work/travel? 

PS- Speaking of shopping... I have been off the blog game every since I started this job. So forgive me if everybody's already signed up for this and it's like last year's Birch Box already... 

BUT... have you heard about Stitch Fix? I seriously LOVE getting my monthly Ipsy glam bag (here's my most recent one... I mean omg best $10 a month I spend seriously!!!)

Anyhow, so on the heels of my getting rad clothes in Budapest, getting an amazing glam bag this month from Ipsy in the mail... I somehow came across Stitch Fix and signed up.

It's another subscription thing where they send you surprises in the mail. But this time it's for clothes. for this one they go through your pinterest, twitter, whatever you give them, in addition to filling in sizing and taking a survey of styles you like. 

ANYHOW the deal with this one is it's $20/month stylist fee. Not cheap, but I need nice clothes, always have gav, so I never get to shop and need a stylist (maybe!). They send jewelry, outerwear, jeans, dresses, pretty much whatver you specify and stuff they come up with. They send style suggestions and even a personal note on how to wear the stuff.

SO you get 5 items and if you want to keep any, the $20 is deducted from that item's cost. And if you keep all 5, they take 25% off. So the downside is these clothes are 'nice.' I'm not sure on the brands, but it's not exactly Target / Old Navy if you get what I'm saying. I don't even know if Stitch Fix is for me, but I figured it's worth a shot. So if you have an extra $20 laying around and need clothes, but never can shop and need a stylist to straight up pick stuff out/deliver it to you, sign up with me!  

I fully think I might cancel after this first month... but what if it's amazing and it's what's been missing in my life. I mean I'd hire a chef to cook my food, a housekeeper to clean my house, might as well try out a stylist to stalk me online and pick out clothes for me? And yeah, it's a referral thing (as all this stuff is). So thanks in advance if you sign up. for real tell me if you like it or not also.

And yes, duh, I'll somehow have a total photo shoot even if the clothes suck and I look awful. I'll be out $20 not you. 


  1. such cute clothes, was zara cheaper over there?

  2. DFTBA - totally a nerd thing, kinda revolutionized by John and Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers. John is also my favorite author (a fyi). They have a huge following of 'nerdfighters' whose goal is to decrease world suck. In case you can't tell, I consider myself one of those people, haha! Love all the tops, it looks like Budapest was AMAZING!


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