Thursday, June 6, 2013

For Work I Went to Disney!

Posted By: Leah
I know, I know... when will I stop with the traveling, right? It's just busy right now at my work and in my life in general so that means tons of trips! I love to travel, even when it's for work. But who wouldn't like it when you go to cool places and meet cool people like.... Mickey and Minnie!

Yeah... so I may have screamed and grabbed my boss's phone to take my pic when Mickey and Minnie came out at the conference we were attending at Disney World a little over a week ago. 

We stayed 'on property' aka at a Disney resort. they hook you up! they even send you luggage tags ahead of time and totally take care of your luggage and deliver it directly to your hotel room. Hi Mickey!

The not so good news is that we were so super busy during the conference where my company was exhibiting, that we didn't have any time to go into the parks. This just broke my heart. I saw Mickey everywhere and wanted to go play in the parks sooo badly. 
I don't normally leave housekeepers tips at hotels. I mean... idk... I don't know the etiquette or where you put the money, or do you leave a note? ANyhow at Disney Marlaine was my housekeeper. On the first day I left her one whole dollar and a note to please make me towel animals. 

The Mickey Waffles made me so so happy. I mean Disney does it up right. And they never let you forget where you are :)

But like I said, I was there for work! We were exhibiting at a conference, but invited some of the clients and prospects out to dinner. It ended up being about 70 and I was in charge. I had reservations at Emeril's you know... BAM! over at Universal. You guys... that food was GOOD! AND they were so sweet, they made custom menus, they pre-set little gifts I sent over. They kept the wine glasses full and our bellies full too! 

I never saw Emeril, but when I got up for to go to the bathroom, I came back and Emeril must have stopped by ;)  I mean how fantastic is the napkin fold they did for me!? 

Then when I got back to my room, after delivering all the dinner guests back as well, look what I found on my bed!!!!! A Minnie towel animal!!!

The next day back at the show.. Mickey made another exciting appearance! This time as a rice krispy treat with chocolate and mickey sprinkles!!!

we were OVER our hotel's food. so when we finally had a free evening, we hopped the resort bus to epcot, but not to visit (seriously not enough time). Fro there we got on the monorail and went to the polynesian resort and had dinner at the Hawaiian place!

Here's my dinner, i got mahil and a tempura roll. I had them bring me wasabi and soy sauce because seriously it was sushi. 

We left and caught the monorail back to epcot. we saw the fireworks over the magic kingdom, ti was pretty cool. I mean not as cool as if we had been IN the magic kingdom, but still pretty awesome!

I really don't like eggs, so I would have never gotten this. But my boss got a mini Minnie waffle and it was sooo cute!

So I totally didn't take many pictures around the resort. But they did have some gorgeous flowers. I love these, they looked so tropical!

So the next night we went to Universal City Walk. No not Universal Studios... ugh... still not going to parks. We went right outside, actually back to where Emeril's was. But this time it was like a huge block party thing for the conference. I guess they figured we were sick of Disney.

This was seriously the closest I had to going into the parks. 

And of course i went to the Billabong store haha. 

I took a quick shot of the actual event. They gave us full access to like 4 clubs and all the bars and restauraunts. Full open bar everywhere. Food everywhere. It was fun, but again... it's still me at work with work people, you know? I mean not really a vacay. 

BUT....I did find the Hello Kitty!!!! like an oasis! 

I always bring gav and bf gifts when I travel. SOmetime I'll be able to bring them with me, but until then I bring them fun things instead! here are the Vinylmation gifts I got this time. If you don't know, Vinylmation is like a mickey shape, but different artists make surprise figurines. So its not going to look like Mickey. Like BF's was a Luke Skywalker, Gav's was a zombie pig, and mine was a poodle lol.

When I travel I always get myself a magnet souvener. I found these mickey shaped food magnets at Disney, so fab, right? 


  1. That stinks that you couldn't go to any of the parks! Such a tease!

  2. I know it was a work trip but seriously, that all looks like so much fun! You have such an amazing job! That's def a dream job for me :) I'm glad to see you back to posting more often, its always so fun reading your posts! :)

  3. Sucks you couldn't go to the parks. How did you like Coronado Springs?

  4. And more importantly, where do you work? I clearly need to apply. ;)


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