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My 1st Stitch Fix - Need your help!

Posted By: Leah

 I was sooo excited to come home to find a box in my mailbox with my very first Stitch Fix! What is Stitch Fix? It's an online company where you fill out a profile telling your size, the types of styles you like, then send links to your Pinterest boards, LinkedIn profile page, blog, whatever you think they should know about you. Then a stylist personally selects five items (clothing, jewelry, whatever you specify you want) and mails to you! You only have 3 days to review, try on, take photos (like I did!) and then send back what you don't want. It's $20 stylist fee, but they take $20 off if you choose to keep an item. AND if you keep all 5 they take 25% off everything. Pretty good deal... right?

Well... I'm not going to lie... I was curious, but also skeptical. I mean really... I don't even know my own style. How is a stranger going to pick out stuff that looks good on me? Well guess what you guys... she did! I'm still shocked over what I got! I took photos of everything so you guys can see and also help me pick what to keep.

 I opened up the box and this is what I saw... a letter from my Stitch Fix stylist and the absolutely most perfect, amazing, adorable top ever right under it! I could not wait to put it on!

But first I read the letter because I didn't want to accidentally mess this up and have to pay for the entire box or something.
In my note to my stylist, I indicated I was from North Carolina (I did a little research and heard if you don't specify the Stitch Fix people will send winter clothes and stuff year round). I said I wanted shorts and tops that covered my arms. I thought it was really nice that the note mentioned that there weren't any shorts this time, but I should request them again.

ANyhow, on to the cutest shirt ever! It is the THML Stellah Lace Stripe Short-Sleeve Top Do you see the buttons in the back? You guys, I was in love with this top the moment I saw it!
Oh yeah, another thing they do is on the tag, they include a note on one side with photos showing suggestions of how to wear the clothing item. Then on the back the tell you where to wear it (like to work, or a night out, etc). This one can go anywhere! 

 I put it on and... well.... I don't know I mean it's sooo cute. Like just crazy cute. But the sleeves are a little tight for me. I'm sure I could pull them down a little or do 2 seconds of cardio and it not be a problem. But I'm not totally sold on this top because of that reason.

Next is the Angie Delcan Crochet Insert Floral Print Top. I also really, really liked this one the moment I took it out of the box. I don't think I own any orange, but the shade is nice and the crochet is really cute. Not really a fan of the mandarin collar, but not a big deal either way.

Here's their suggestion of how to wear it... jeans again.  And I took a picture of the back of the card with how they described where to wear it:

And here it is on me! I kind of love it. 

Ok, next item I took out I was like ummm.... did somebody's grandma send this? It's the Nick & Mo Becket Multi Colored Dot Cardigan. 

On the card, they did make it look cute... but... I wasn't sure how it would look on me...

AND... I don't hate it, but it's a little more 'mature' than the look I am going for in my life right AKA I'm 33 but sometimes old people think I'm around 25 and I'm okay with that :) 
But check out the necklace! That was in the box too, but I'll get to that in a minute. 

 So the next item in the box was this dress. It's the Lansome Beth Abstract ZigZag 3/4 Sleeve Dress. I have soooo many black/white dresses like this for work. The knit was actually super soft, though.  But I was not sure how I would like it, thinking it would be identical to 1/2 my closet.

 Yeah yeah yeah I get it, wear it to work with a blazer or out with heels or a pop of color...

HEY NOW! Can we just say this dress was SHORT! NOT  like what's in my closet. Yikes! I added my own belt, but dannngggg... Yeah this is what we call NSFW. I kept the necklace on for my 'pop of color' lol.

 And here's the necklace! 41 Hawthorn Mini Circle Cabochon Bib Necklace. It is $32 which I think is a little high. I mean maybe not, I don't ever buy jewelry, but I didn't think it was especially unique.

SOOO What do you think? Should I keep any of it or send it all back? I am a fan of the orange tunic, but what do I know? I could look super awful and there's no one here to tell me. (For my pictures I set up my camera with the timer.)

I put together a poll for your help. You can vote for everything or nothing... just let me know because by the time this post goes live, I'll only have 2 days left to decide... THANKS!!!

And do you want to order a Stitch Fix box for yourself? It's actually a blast and I was really surprised I liked anything in there at all. I know my stylist actually read my suggestions and gave me a few great things she knew I'd love, and sent me some items for fun for me to try I probably never would have put on in the store. 

Which of my Stitch Fix items should I keep?
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PS For fun I posted the above 5 items on my Blog's FB page, and 4 seems to be the winner! I might need to specify that I am looking for something that is functional... work... weekend... fancy... casual. Not so sure #4 fits the bill. But excited you all liked me showing some leg ;)

Oh and, I have some outtakes. I added some fireworks because seriously... why do I think it's so cute for me to do the side-ways upwards look for pictures? 


  1. I love the dress on you, but I also like the cardigan.
    However, I DO think you might like the cardigan a little more if it was a little more fitted in the waist line.
    maybe a smaller size?
    Or have it altered?
    Or try belting it?
    Bc in the picture they sent with it, it looked all cinched in to show your waist line and curves.
    I think if you can get it to do that, you might like it.
    Just a thought. :)

  2. genius of you to create a poll! if the shirt you love already doesn't fit, it's probably better in the long run just to part with it.

  3. From what I've seen and experienced,the first Stitch Fix is always a bit of a miss. They get better down the line. That said, I loved the white and black shirt. It's a shame it doesn't fit comfortably. I think the orange tunic is cute on you. I wish the cardigan was a little more fitted because it's super cute.


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