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Is it just me or when you hear 'Philadelphia' you think about the Tom Hanks AIDS movie? Ok probably just me...

Anyway! last Friday my dad, step-mom, sister, Gav and I flew to Philadelphia for my cousin's wedding! Catch up on the wedding post here.

I haven't traveled with my family in a while, and this is the first time Gav has gotten to fly with them. It was cute! My dad brought science game cards to the airport (he's an Elementary educator). It was super adorable to see them all together.

I got new expensive luggage for my job, and I went back and got a backpack like my sister's (above) because it's huge but also fits under the seat. Planes suck, they make you gate check everything.... unless it fits under the seat! more on my packing in another post. 

Gav was going to sit with my dad on the plane, but at the last second, he sat in the seat with my sister Sarah instead!

My step-mom had to go down to Wilmington, DE (just a few minutes outside of Philadelphia), so she rented a car for the evening and my dad, sarah, gav and I took a cab to the hotel!

We stayed at the Best Western Independence which sounds not exciting, but it was absolutely adorable! They bumped up my/sarah/gav's room and we had a big tv as well as a microwave and mini fridge which came in handy because....

We had indian food for dinner! It was from a good place called Karma in Old Town right by our hotel.

But before that, we walked around the city some, went to the pier, and of course posed by the hilarious historic statues

A good thing about staying at Best Westerns is that they have a really exciting continental breakfast. You know, european style!

Anyhow, at this property, we were all shocked and excited to see our waffles were... wait for it... in the shape of the Liberty Bell!!!!

We set out and saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell for real!

AND.... here's Gav next to the Liberty Bell 

I had the hotel make us lunch reservations at Max Brenner's (more on that in a minute), but we had some time before that in the morning. My dad and Gav discovered the Ride The Duck tour!!!

It's a world war II boat (seriously) on wheels (for real) and it's a land and sea tour, where it drives on the road, then goes into the water. Pretty awesome, right? 
So honestly, we went on this tour for fun, just for something silly. But the tour was actually AMAZING! We saw so much awesome stuff in Philadelphia! And I learned a ton about the city. The tour guide aka Nana Duck was really silly and told some bad jokes. It was entertaining and informative! Notice the life jackets on the ceiling as we drove through town.

We went by Chinatown

And real life Monopoly locations... like the Pennsylvania Railroad. Super cool art deco!

Of course the Rocky steps

And okay, did you know that the statue in Love Park is tiny? I swore it was huge like the Love statue in NYC. SOOO glad we went by this on the bus, because Sarah and I were going to walk all the way over there to see it. 

Do you watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? BF gets me to watch it sometimes. ANyhow, this is Paddy's Bar where they all go. 

And then.... hands up because SPLASH the driver drove us into the Delaware River!

Gav was unimpressed by most of the tour. But whatever, it was really good!

I really like our family photo, and my dad went back and bought it! (I had tried to go back but they couldn't find it... it's because my dad already had it! We are tricksters!)

So then it was time to go to Max Brenner! I actually only have heard about it because of other bloggers going there. Basically, it's a restaurant where everything is made of chocolate... yum!

Gav had a chocolate 'hamburger' with strawberry 'katsup' and marshmallow cream 'mustard.' 
All served on plate that looked like graph paper. so awesome. 

I got the s'mores concoction. This was a mason jar with the best chocolate pudding ever, then a layer of graham crackers and whipped cream. The little vial is of caramel. in the bowl is tiny bananas in caramel. Then there is a real s'more with nutella and mini marshmallows! 

Then we had lunch 2nd after dessert... and we heated up the leftover Indian food as we got ready for the wedding. Totally a good plan!

And this Friday, I'm going to Budapest. Yup, it's crazy you guys. 
Straight up Jet Set Leah!


  1. I soooooooo want to go to Philadelphia sometime!
    And I want to see the movie w/Tom Hanks. Can't believe I've never seen it!
    Thanks for sharing all your lovely pics. :)

  2. Woah girl, you are all over the place! Have them send you to Mass next!!!

  3. Philadelphia is a wonderful city. I live about 45 minutes from Philly. I also know the man that the movie Philadlephia (aka Tom Hanks AIDS movie) is about. Did you know that he did not die in real life? Awesome pictures!

  4. I loved your pictures. Too bad we just missed each other. Would have loved to meet you. Hope you make it to Phoenix sometime.


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