Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wedding Philly Style!

Posted By: Leah
My cousin got married in Philadelphia this past weekend. Omg what a fun city! I don't know why or how it got such a bad rap (In West Philadelphia born and raised... ) no wait...

The city is lush, green, and just a really nice, awesome place! Ok, maybe just where we were (Old Town aka the hip, trendy part). ANyhow we were there for the wedding! So today's post is all about Kath's big day! (but mostly about Gav dancing) 

You guys, Gav LOVES to dance. Like it's not even funny how seriously he takes it. And the child can dance for hours non-stop! Here's Gav, my sister Sarah (in teal) and me (the super pale one).

The wedding photographer was amazing she posted these pictures not even 24 hrs after the wedding. That girl was on it!!! Oh and she LOVED Gav. I mean how couldn't you lol!?!

Katherine was so thoughtful! Here's Gav's place setting at dinner. She had legos and coloring books and crayons. My dad was helping Gav with the legos. 

The food was super good. And here's Gav in the background sneaking off with a corn fritter aka a hush puppy (his favorite thing in the world). 

Ok enough about Gav (for now!) the photographer was Shannon Collins Photography
She was adorable and clearly amazingly talented! (I can't get enough of Shannon or her website) And Philadelphia is just so historic but in a really kind of hipster, fun way. Perfect for Katherine and Neal! 

Ok and now for the totally non-professional Leah's IG feed photos (everyong above is via) 

Kath and Neal are just perfect together. They were so sweet, and their day was so special. Extra special, actually. We had a family emergency with my aunt, Katherine's mom earlier last week. Like really bad. Like she almost didn't make it to the wedding and was in the hospital. But without getting all personal, lots of friends, family and prayers and my aunt somehow made it there. Discharged that morning, in a wheelchair and walked Kath down the aisle in a walker. Not a dry eye in the house. It was amazing. 

The space where the wedding was held was in an empty warehouse type event space. They had brought in furniture. Here is my dad and Gav chilling before the wedding. 

I'm not going to tell you all how much my dress and necklace cost. Ok... the dress was free at a clothing swap and my necklace was $7 at Kohls. Wait... that's all top secret. But I really liked it. It was HOTTT like 90 deg. and humid that day so I was perfectly comfortable!

For the salad course they had smoked salmon sort of Ikea-style. Wait, I mean Scandinavian style! It was super delicious. They gave gav a plate and I made him have a 'no thank you bite.' Just because you know, he could have loved it. He didn't but it was for real good. 

Ok enough about that, back to the dancing!
Here's the photographer capturing Gav breaking it down by Kath!

Here's Christine my other cousin / Kath's big sister. Does she not look exactly like my sister Sarah? It's crazy! Well, Christine is like a foot taller than Sarah, but other than that, the same! 

Me and Sarah!

I was all up in the bathroom doing selfies lol! This is how I like to think I really looked. Plus I was having a good hair/ make up day, even in the heat and humidity! YAY!

Ok next post... all about Philadelphia (I promise it's green / lush!) 


  1. Love love LOVE the pictures! And the fact that you're posting!!!

  2. You so pretty! Also, I know I always say this but Gav is so much cooler than I was at that age. Can he come teach me lessons? And some dance moves?

  3. Love these photos. Looks like it was a blast.

  4. Looks like you had such a wonderful time! Gav is pretty much the coolest kid ever, hes a lucky lil guy to have such an awesome mom like you! I hope one day, my kid has as cool dance moves as Gav :)

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out! I had so much fun meeting everyone, especially Gav! He's going to be a heartbreaker one day ;)

    Y'all looked too cute. Thanks again for your kind words, I had a blast! <3



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