Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summertime Love (Loven' the Summertime)

Posted By: Leah
Do you watch the Regular Show?
I feel like singing the Summertime Love (Loven' the Summertime) song all the time. I love summer the most. I will never complain about the heat or humidity. I love how it stays light until 9pm. I just want to be out of the house doing stuff all the time!

I get a fail on blogging (old news) however no matter where I go people (who I know, or know BF, or know someone I know who's shared the blog) approach me asking what the deal is with my blog and why I never update it anymore. It's crazy to think people look forward to what I say. So of course you all know the deal... I have a new job and can't blog at work.

In the evenings I play with Gav, sorry I don't blog... but you get it.

ANYHOW here's a quick update of some summertime stuff I've been up to this past month or so...

Through my work we get free tickets to our town's minor league baseball games. 
Gav and I have a little trouble sitting through all those innings... 

Gav goes to day camp and one of their field trips was to Putt Putt. He had so much fun that he told me to put the address in my Garmin and we had to go... so we did the very next weekend. It's only $6 for unlimited golf, games and drinks on Saturdays... um best deal ever!

Play dates! Gav's best friend is 1/2 Japanese and you all KNOW my love of Hello Kitty/everything from Japan. So while Gav was playing with his friend, I had some time to hang out with the mom and she was super thrilled to show me her bento box collection. It was a play date for me for sure!

Independence Day! 'Merica.

BF and I were very lucky and got to see fireworks 2 nights in a row! Charlotte used to have the pops orchestra for free and I would always go with my friends and my step-mom and sister. I'm talking middle - high school (ok yes and I'm lame, but it was super cool). anyhow then charlotte got all fancy and they charge something like $10/person to go to the Pops. lame. and I hadn't been back. 

WELL... BF's neighbor had free passes to the 3rd of july pops with fireworks AND vip parking. I was sooo excited to go. 

The 4th of July my sister came to BFs house and we went to this festival thing but it was all raining so she left and we ended up going back later. So more fireworks! Then we got back to BF's and Gav and I had gotten some real (small) fireworks from a random parkinglot vendor and had fun setting those off in the street. 

The next day we went bowling! Gav was adorable. 

There's a really embarassing video of me from bowling but it's on facebook. Not even on my page. But if you know me/BF IRL, go to his page. You won't be sorry. It gets real weird real fast.
Then... the next day we went on BF's aunt and uncle's boat on the lake. Yay!
Here's Gav and I on the lake super up close shot. 

.... and here we were last night. Gav will be 7 in just a couple weeks and we've already started on his party!
here's the Summertime Love video and lyrics if you want to sing along...

[Verse 1] It's Summertime and you know what that means. Gonna head down to the beach, gonna do some beachy things. It's Summertime, it feels just right. Gonna gather all my friends and we'll party through the night.

[Chorus] It's Summertime luh-uh-loving. It's loving in the Summertime. It's Summertime luh-uh-loving. Oh baby, why can't you be mine?

[Verse 2] It's Summertime and I just can't wait. Gonna call you on the phone, gonna take you on a date. It's Summertime and I hope you like steak. Gonna take you to a restaurant, gonna eat out at the lake.


[Verse 3] It's Summertime and when dinner's done. Gonna take you to the club, gonna dance and have some fun. It's Summertime and when the end is near. Gonna put you very close. Whisper, "let's get out of here".

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My 2nd Stitch Fix

Posted By: Leah
Hi! Long time no chat. I'm back with my 2nd Stitch Fix. You can get caught up on my first Stitch Fix HEREWhat is Stitch Fix? It's an online company where you fill out a profile telling your size, the types of styles you like, then send links to your Pinterest boards, LinkedIn profile page, blog, whatever you think they should know about you. Then a stylist personally selects five items (clothing, jewelry, whatever you specify you want) and mails to you! You only have 3 days to review, try on, take photos (like I did!) and then send back what you don't want. It's $20 stylist fee, but they take $20 off if you choose to keep an item. AND if you keep all 5 they take 25% off everything. Pretty good deal... right?

Last month was my first Stitch Fix and I was floored with how fantastic my stylist did. I expected to hate it all and I ended up loving three things and came close to buying two, but ended up with this one:
(Yeah, my hair was longer and redder last month)

 I was overall very pleased with my first Stitch Fix last month and signed up for another one for this month... you can choose your date so I only waited 3 weeks between Fixes.  I opened up the box I got today and well... was semi-disappointed just at first glance.
 I don't know what I expected to have happen, but I guess last box greeted me with lace and vintage stuff. This one is well... you'll see... no lace. No real vintage look.

Oh also, as I mentioned last month, I had requested shorts because I live in North Carolina where it is hot and humid and I always need shorts. They said again, no shorts for me. Apparently I'm not in the shorts size range or something. lame. Also, I included a note in the return of the cream/black shirt from last month that if they sent it to me 1 size larger I'd buy it. Guess what? No shirt. Missed opportunity. So I think that's why I reluctantly opened this box.

Anyway, I went ahead and started taking the items out and photographing. Crossing my fingers there would be a hidden gem in this box. The first item was the Under Skies Fenton 3/4 Sleeve Printed Blouse. It's a horizontal print with cobalt, black and white. Pretty cute! It was lined and really nice quality. 

The suggestion tag had some ideas, but I don't own white jeans/pants or a mint skirt. And I'm not sure how I feel about the mint with this look anyway... so I paired it with jeans.

I'd say this one was just okay. Now awful. And I added my own black bubble necklace (hard to tell) because it was a really simple top. I'm always worried about horizontal stripes. This shirt only had them at the top, but still, I think I would be self-conscious in it because of the stripes? IDK.

Moving on, the next item I took out was the Olive & Oak Nakisha Sheer Longsleeve Blouse. I really like the coral color. Super sheer, but from what I know about fashion (admittedly not much), I know bright sheer tops are super in this season.  

 The little card suggests tucking it into a skirt as an option, but there's no way I would ever do that because...

 The back of the top is amazing! It's a high-low cut, so covers the booty in the back. And look at the tuxcedo detailing! I really liked it. I didn't know how it would fit because to me, it looked just like an oversized shirt.
See? they said tuck it in. Lame. But I did read the part about the statement necklace, which they included for me. So it was green but I put it on anyway....

And I really liked this top! Not too big at all and you can sort of see the high-low part in the back. 

Here's a shot of the back. And yes, I have a bit of a booty. But this covers it (ok weird angle and yes that's the tag hanging out of the back of the shirt. Gotta keep it on to return it).

The statement necklace is the 41 Hawthorn Faceted Bubble Necklace. It was cute in the picture above, but up close it's pretty big. See how it's going down to the third button on the shirt? It's a serious necklace. 

 Next up is the Angie Moni Horseshoe Print Stud Detail Top

This one I thought was pretty cool. I mean not my style with the horse shoes and country thing happening. But worth a try because that's what this is all about.

And here it is! I am a little torn on this one. I don't really love the tan color. Or the horseshoes. But it's a cute shape. I think if it had a different print/color I'd like it more. Also it's super sheer. You can see my belly sticking out in the picture below because my cami was coming up. Yikes.

 Ok, last item is the Renee C Robinson Maxi Skirt. It's cobalt... the photo makes it look dark.
So here's the thing. I don't own any maxi skirts, dresses, nothing. It just seems like a ton of fabric, right?

Here's the suggested look. They are like you are wearing a ginormous skirt, don't wear a lot on the top. But I hate showing my arms, so sorry gotta cover them. So here's what I wore...

A creepy yellow shirt and I looked awful. Even Gav was like "Wow mom, that skirt is really big." I mean it's like yards and yards of fabric. It's Violet Beauregard. it's great for like a beach cover up. But I might as well wear a towel instead. I give it a thumbs down.

 ^ Same, right!? 

SOOO What do you think? Should I keep any of it or send it all back? I am a fan of the coral blouse, but what do I know? I could look super awful and there's no one here to tell me. (For my pictures I set up my camera with the timer and Gav was ignoring me when I asked how he liked everything)

I put together a poll for your help. You can vote for everything or nothing... just let me know because by the time this post goes live, I'll only have 2 days left to decide... THANKS!!!

And do you want to order a Stitch Fix box for yourself? It's fun. I was a little down on this box, but there was some good stuff in it. I know my stylist actually read my suggestions and gave me a few great things she knew I'd love, and sent me some items for fun for me to try I probably never would have put on in the store.

Also THANK YOU to whomever signed up via my referral code. You just got me $25 store credit to Stitch Fix. So I kind of should get something... I already have $20 stylist fee into this box, so the clothes are all pretty reasonable with $45 off... some even would be paid for already with that!

Which of my Stitch Fix items should I keep? free polls 

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