Monday, August 19, 2013

Party in the city where the heat is on

Posted By: Leah
I got to go somewhere cool last week for work. Really cool. Like this is by far the coolest thing I've gotten to to for a job... but one of the most stressful things as well. I was sent on a last minute site visit to pick out a destination for my work's upcoming conference.
It was a super last minute trip and I was sooo sleepy on my early morning flight. I looked out the window and saw the gorgeous Florida coast and was wide awake and so excited!

The first property I visited after I got my rental car (and made circles trying to get on the highway out of the Miami airport... geez Garmin, stop searching for satellites for years) was really fancy. I only had time to check into my room, drop my stuff, and head down to the 'beach' aka fake beach for a hot second before I had my first meeting. 
Here's my outfit that I swore was a good idea. My arm's out of the shot, but it was a short sleeved jacket. Regardless wearing pants was the wrong move. I'm talking sweat stains after sitting at dinner. Muy mal. 

But prior to that, I had to drive myself to south beach. Let me just tell you, miami traffic is lame. But the good part is when the cars actually stopped trying to run me off the road and I got stuck in traffic I got to see cool stuff. 

I've never been to miami before. Ok, actually I have, but once was to get on a cruise ship and the other time was to (I think) get on a plane to mexico. I don't even remember. But I've never been like IN the city before. And this is what I wanted it to look like... art deco!

South Beach is really Miami Beach, just you know... the southern part. It looks pretty much like how you see it on tv and in the movies. 
This is me between meetings.

Oh the food... omg food in Miami is the best. So freakin good. It's all so colorful, flavorful and delicious. 

Yup. This. Ok no, I didn't actually go to the spa. I mean I did like on a tour. But I didn't get spa services.

Got back to my hotel and had some strawberries. I have the best job ever. Seriously. 
Straight up spoiled. 

I was so excited for the next day I couldn't sleep! Here's the miami skyline in the morning off my balcony. 

Getting ready for breakfast. Rainy day :(

Lunch! Had the biggest shrimp and alligator empanadas!

Mental note: do this with a light cord. So rad. 

Still raining, but at another site. 

Loved them all. This one was so tropical!

Petted the sweetest kitty then realized he was mousing!

1st degree of Kevin Bacon... we slept in the same hotel... maybe the same bed! 

As did N'Sync!

After scouting hotels I checked out attractions in the area as well. I love this lion. I have never been so close to one before. He was huge and amazing. I wanted to hug him. 

I got to hug a parrot instead!!!

Here's the cutest monkey ever eating a coconut and my friend the lion again showing his tiny teeth.

I was almost done an ready to head to the airport and as I rounded a turn I saw only the best thing ever... Hello Kitty and Miffy statues!
HK was crying. It was super weird. 

HAD to get a cuban sandwich and key lime pie. Obviously. 

These above were all from my IG feed. My little pocket camera took some awesome shots too....

That's it! I did my presentation at work and it went really well. Looks like we will get to go back to Miami in Spring 2014 :) 


  1. Looks amazing! I went to Miami for work a while back and we had SO MUCH FUN. I want to go back so bad for a vacation.

  2. Gorgeous! Although, I've noticed that this isn't Boston. What happened to our plan?!


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