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Williamsburg, Virginia

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As part 2 (or maybe like part 5) of Gav and BF's super secret birthday roadtrip we went to Williamsburg, VA!

BF had visited when he was young and loved it! I lived in Richmond, VA for almost 5 years and although I had been to the outlets right outside of Williamsburg, I had never been to the colonial part. After our visits to Richmond and Great Wolf Lodge (get caught up on the first part here). We ended up at one of the colonial williamsburg hotels where we could walk to the historic stuff. 

I totally should have taken pictures of the room, it was like folk art themed. Sort of like a rich old person's house who is well traveled lol. I did manage to get a photo of the shower curtain in the bathroom. I thought the eyelets were a cool detail. 

We were STARVING and the hotel's restaurant was closed during that weird time like 2pm-5pm pre-dinner. We ended up eating at the club house at the golf course next to the hotel. It was so delicious! 

It was really pretty and we overlook the rolling hills and these shady trees, a pond, some flowers... and you'll have to take my word for it... again (worst blogger ever, right?)
Here's a picture of me at lunch. I look pretty happy with it all hahah!

Anyhow, so we got into the colonial section after eating and yeah... here's the deal. Passes to go to like 99% of the houses, shops, etc. you had to buy tickets for. It was already late in the day and let's be serious... it's olden days boring stuff. So we didn't pay the $40 or whatever it is per person, per ticket cost. 

So we just hung out around the historic stuff because we had booked a ghost tour and dinner at a tavern booked for later!

Oh! at 5pm they had this cannon shooting thing. These dudes were dressed up and if you stand next to them, you overhear them talking in historic olden days speak. I am seriously the worst tourist ever. I have no clue what was even going on lol.

This is a gate to one of the houses. BF was showing gav how the ball made the gate close. Gav was not too interested.

Here are some more colonial ladies outside of... a church? Seriously I fail at Williamsburg. 

Ok on to dinner! So the cool part is we got to eat at a real tavern!

In the olden days they never took baths so wore huge napkins tied around their necks. They called it "tying one on." 
In the pewter dish were olden days foods that you put on top of the meats and stuff to make it taste better. It was like pickled watermelon, some kind of pickled corn and I swear pickled meat. It was kinda gross... sorry olden days. 

And remember the part about us eating a super late lunch at the golf clubhouse? Yeah... we were crazy full. Probably a good thing because BF and I just had salads and our bill was insanely expensive. But it was still a cool setting. They had live olden days music like some dude playing a tiny flute? lute? Again... I'm the worst. Olden days just isn't my thing.

On to the ghost tour! So we met up with our group aka other people like us who stayed at the fancy hotel like us and got free tickets... I'm not sure if they were free to everyone. I mean i of course did my call ahead/email ahead to get the vip treatment. 

So the girl giving the tour was um... ok we'll just say I've never been on a ghost tour before so I didn't know what to expect. I thought she would be all " Hey here's a ghost. I'm super goth. You are all haunted because you are even here. Go have nightmares. Goth girl... OUT!"

It was more like this girl in ill fitting khaki's talking about some people who worked there who saw things move at some point years before. The best part of the tour was when Gav got to hold the lantern. OH! He did have a super awkward answer to one of the tour guides questions about what he would do if he saw a ghost. It was really awkward like I can't repeat it. But let's just say that it involved him throwing rocks, bricks, and killing himself. Yes, my 6 yr old child said this to a group of ghost-touring adults. Not one of my prouder moments.

Somehow Gav recovered for his awkward comment and the lady let him hold the lantern. 

At Williamsburg there aren't streetlights because, hi? it's oldendays before electricity. They have horse and buggy tours. Not a problem during the day, but at night as you can see below... there is a little bit of a hurdle. 

So Gav's job was to stand by the horse's business and yell "POOP!" seriously, the tour guide told him to do this. So who's the awkward one now?

So that's it for Gav's and BF's birthday adventure! I'd say the best parts were visiting Richmond, I do miss living there it was awesome! And although the great wolf hotel was not really all that great... the waterpark was a blast! Gav had a super good time and talks about going back to great wolf lodge all the time (I might need a while before I have the need to return). And BF really loved Richmond and I think he appreciated the effort I put into us all going to Williamsburg, although it was clearly not my or Gav's thing. 

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  1. I'm sorry it wasn't your thing... I actually work across the street from Colonial Williamsburg. (And that building was a courthouse, not a church)

    Maybe next time try Busch Gardens... if you like the scary stuff, Howl-o-scream is great!


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