Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekend in Charleston, SC

Posted By: Leah
A few weeks back... you remember that weekend... the crazy unseasonably warm one? Gav and I took a weekend trip down to Charleston, SC to see my sister/Gav's aunt Sarah!

You remember Sarah from the wedding and other posts.

Gav had an early release day from school and I took the afternoon off of work and we hopped in the car and drove and drove and drove down south to Charleston, SC!

I've been to Charleston for day trips a few times in the past. But hadn't been there in about two years. Sarah is getting her master's degree at College of Charleston, and what a super fun city she lives in!

If you haven't been to Charleston, this is the 'downtown' area which is really just tons of really nice high-end stores, restaurants, galleries, etc. 

We brought Sarah's min-pin Rosie and stopped for gelato. They even let Rosie have some vanilla and she loved it!

We were pretty tired from the drive and turned in early. The next day we headed down with Rosie to Sullivan's Island to where they have a 'dog beach' aka they let dogs run free on the beach!

I didn't get any good pics of the hundreds (literally!) of dogs playing in the water and on the sand, but I got this great shot of Gav!

And I insisted we do the feet in the sand shot... it's just necessary. 

Sarah's roommate was dog sitting that weekend a french bulldog named Hank. He was hilarious. 

We went to the Charleston Farmer's Market downtown and then over to Battery Park to walk around. 

Something really historic happened there... and clearly Gav just liked climbing on everything. 

Here is the Cooper River Bridge! It's a crazy huge bridge connecting Charleston to Mt. Pleasant. 

Here's Gav and I by the water near Battery Park.

We went back downtown and found this cool store that has wooden blocks. Gav had a blast building with Sarah. 

We also found the Moon Pie General Store! It smelled sooo good in there! And who knew there's like 10 flavors of moon pies? PS if you're not from the south... a moon pie is sort of like 2 graham cracker cookies with marshmallows in the middle and dipped in chocolate... basically. 

Clearly we like to eat :) Sarah's bday was coming up in a couple weeks, so I took her out to a special birthday dinner at this super awesome pizza place called Monza. It was crazy good. 

I had spotted a cupcake shop earlier in the day and made sure we stopped by after dinner!

Brunch in Charleston is a must! Sarah and I got bottomless mimosas. I got shrimp and grits, she got eggs Benedict, and gav got pancakes of course!

Have you ever been to Charleston?


  1. glad you liked my town!! you guys were busy!!

  2. Yes. My parents moved there about a year and a half ago so I've been a few times. They have a ton of really awesome restaurants and apparently brunch really is very important. I'm excited to keep exploring it more.


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