Sunday, April 27, 2014

Need your help please! Warby Parker Glasses

Posted By: Leah
I don't know if you know this about me or not... but I wear glasses. From the months of February to May every year I wear glasses because without them I would itch my eyes out due to seasonal allergies North Carolina pollen.

I got my last glasses from Warby Parker. I love that site. They have designer glasses for $95 including lenses, shipping and 5 pairs to try at home. Don't get excited... this isn't a promo post, I genuinely need your help with picking out my next pair of glasses.

Current Glasses- Langston in Whiskey Tortoise Matte, by Warby Parker

I love my old glasses... I really do. But they are 2 years old. I think it's time for an update. Not necessarily even for work. I was some fun glasses for me. Cute glasses...

 I want some geeky chic, cool, nerdy, you know the style...

So here's what I ordered in my free 5 pair at-home trial from Warby Parker

1) Chamberlain in Whiskey Tortoise
2) Fitz in Whiskey Tortoise
3) Baxter in Pinot Noir
4) Linwood in Revolver Black
5) Seymour in Whiskey Tortoise

*Sorry for the weird faces! It's impossible for me not to make them in selfies.
Which pair of Warby Parker glasses look best on me?
1 - Chamberlain in Whiskey Tortoise
2 - Fitz in Whiskey Tortoise
3 - Baxter in Pinot Noir
4 - Linwood in Revolver Black
5 - Seymour in Whiskey Tortoise
6 - Keep your old ones!
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Oh wait... you aren't familiar with Warby Parker? Just like companies including TOMS, Warby Parker donates a pair (of glasses not shoes) each time a pair of glasses is ordered to someone in need. Warby Parker has boutique glasses styles and the highest quality frames and glair free lenses. They even offer a free 5 pair at-home try-on. They just call your eye dr. and make sure the prescription is less than a year old and you're set. Did I mention they are only $95? And if you don't like any from the at home try-on that's cool too. You don't pay until you order the actual glasses you want. It's awesome. You can keep sending them back and have all the at-home tryons you want with all the styles in colors. They make sunglasses too... and... wait for it.. they even sell a monocle.

Again, like I said... no referral or codes or me getting any kickback from Warby Parker. It's truly an awesome company and I have nothing but amazing things to say about them.

So back to the question at hand... which of the 5 glasses are your favorite? (or did you like my old ones and think I should stick with those??)

PS - Thanks to everybody who has already voted on Instagram (which has taken over blogging, duh). The results so far (according to Instagram only) are 3, 4, 5 and sticking with my current pair.

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  1. I think it's SO great that you are looking to support a company like Warby Parker! I am a big fan of the "one for one" business concept, plus it is always a good thing to update your look ever so often just to change things up. :) Personally, I think that #3 look really good on you, but I also like #4 (although it is pretty similar to your current pair). I vote to go with #3 for a different look!


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