Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Back in Miami... again!!!

Posted By: Leah
A couple of months ago I went to Miami... again!  It was the third time in 6 months. This time the trip was for the conference that I had spent the previous two trips planning. When I started with my company a year ago, the two conferences like this were logistically already planned. I added the final touches, selected the food, entertainment, and on-site logistics. This conference in Miami was the first one I planned start to finish.

Get caught up on my site visit where I visited Miami for the first time and found the perfect site for the host hotel and conference and experienced Miami Beach for the first time. This post was about my much more relaxing trip. I really had a great time and enjoyed the city.

Back in Miami for the conference there was no time for relaxing, it was four 18+ hour days of work. Fortunately the hotel I selected was gorgeous, wonderful and accommodating to all of my on-site needs and requests. I cannot say enough good things about the property.

Gifts! Yes, I kind of expect personal notes at every hotel now. #spoiled

I arrived and spent the first six hours in my 'war room' aka the meeting room where all my conferences packages were delivered. This was my office and I put together the welcome gifts, name badges and folders. Around 6pm I knew this was my one chance to see the beach, so I ran out just before the sun went down and a storm moved in.

When I came back inside, I had a few final details, but was truly ready for the next day's opening reception and conference registration. What a relief. I ran into a couple co-workers in the lobby and we gathered together some conference attendees and went to an AMAZING dinner. 

The next day I had a little bit of time and ordered a latte. It was a DIY!  cute!

I don't get to take part in the welcome activities because I have to handle registration and make sure everything goes okay with the hotel and guest's check-in. But for those who went to play golf at the Doral, they saw Donal Trump! Here's his helecopter. 

The event went awesome! 

I had a dinner with salsa dancers and Cuban food... so much fun!

I had been busy the first few days of the conference and on the last day had a chance to watch the sun rise. Gorgeous!

Because I was busy all.the.time the chef brought me food to make sure I ate. 
This is salmon and caviar for breakfast!

As a gift for my hard work I received several spa treatments. I wasn't supposed to take a picture, but just had to show the pod! This lady scrubbed me down with a 'caribbean sugar scrub' then closed the pod and jets washed me off. It was like a shower, but in a tanning bed. Ok not the best description but it was pretty cool!

The last day was gorgeous! I mean seriously... check out the view from my room... amazing!

I had to run a quick errand before I left for the airport and took a couple quick pics in South Beach. 

Flights were canceled left and right due to snow on the east coast. I arrived and then was out of work (and Gav was out of school for a week!) due to snow. What a difference!


  1. Still super jealous of your job! I always loved planning the events, but sometimes it stunk not to be able to enjoy myself like everyone else did. I'm so glad you are back to blogging! The place looks beautiful!

  2. I know it's a ton of hard work but I'm so jealous. Look at that location, wow! Glad it all went well and you got pampered.

  3. Dude. You are once again 2 HOURS from me! So come visit!

    I also need to re-design your blog. It's time for an update dontcha think?

    Also... my old button (saolsona) is a broken link in your sidebar. Someone bought that domain name and when you click on it, it prompts you to update your flash player. Which could possibly be a virus. Just a heads up :)


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