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Posted By: Leah
I like kawaii (and hawaii) and anything rad. Like your mom.

LovelyLifeofLeah is a lifestyle blog about enjoying the little things... those are what big things in life are made of.  I started LovelyLifeofLeah in 2009 to tell people about all the awesomeness I'm constantly discovering. I'm a mom, but this is not a mom blog.

I'm a little bit like you, but also a little bit different from you too. I'm a single mom, who works, who loves to travel, and go to concerts. I'm a mom who dresses bright and colorful, and who has a super cool boyfriend. I have over ten years professional experience in corporate and social event planning. Not that it has anything to do with this blog, but more often than not, I turn my life into a party. And through this blog, you are each invited. To contact me, please email lovelylifeofleah*at*gmail.com

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